Unclassified Pain

Penning down the pain that people fear to talk about.

The go-getter. The fun lover. The lucky charm was recently down. No matter how much she tried to pick herself up, something pulled her down. The smile she always chose to wore had worn off. Even her high energy nerves needed a boost. It suddenly felt like a source of light went off in her life and was surrounded by darkness. She was unable to look past things she was going through. It felt like dementors landed at her doorstep and sucked out the final tint of her happiness potion.

It is not what you think. No event pushed her into this mourning pit. Not a breakup, not fired from her job, nobody spat a hurting word at her. Things were fine. More than what she expected it to be. She woke up every morning with high energy and a broad smile. She would often do her happy dance. She had amazing friends to hang out, share knowledge and more importantly the shoulders she could lean on.

She was just as clueless as you. None of the positive affirmations, pep talks or pleasing food seemed to help. All she wanted to do was to dig herself a hole and immerse herself into the pit of sorrow. There were days where she yelled at everyone; anger and irritation seemed like an instant reaction to everything around her. Even the good ones. Hurting her friends built up more guilt and added to the pain.

That was not the only pain she was going through. There was also physical pain. There was a pain at every muscle joint. A pain that stopped her from picking up her phone and chatting with her friends. There were days where she lost her sleep gasping in pain. Some days the pain woke her up from her nap. She felt bloated all the time. It seemed like none of her fitness routine worked.

One of those sleepless nights introduced her to a crazy idea. She thought to herself, shedding some blood would cure it all. Next morning, she was found in a pool of blood.

That’s how she got herself out of the mess. It was all PMS.

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