Between Time & Space Chapter 3 — Training Day Script

The portal opened up on the ground and the group then popped out of it. They all landed on their feet. 
“Nooooooowwwww!!!” said Dea. “It time for your training.”
“What training?” asked Aki. “Weeeeeeellllllll,” said Dea. “I think that you guys need a boost in power. Sooooooo, I’ll have to teach you guys some magic.”
“Sweet!!! So with enough training, I could beat you.” said Chen, smirking. “Sure if you can master it.” said Dea. “So is everybody ready for the training?”
“Ready,” Muramaru said, while Aki and Lin nodded. Chen said “Of course.”
“Ok, but it’ll be hard.” Dea said. “Whatever. Let’s go!!!” Chen said.
“Ok. Here comes the training. Go, Kuma D. Bear!!!” There was a lot of crunching noise. It got louder and louder until it showed up. It looked like an ordinary brown bear but had a scar tilted on its left side of its face and a straw hat on its head.
“Guys, this is Kuma D. Bear.” said Dea, gleefully. “She will be a training obstacle for you, today.”
“I can kill a bear with my bare hands.” said Chen. “Bring it on!” Kuma D. Bear then pulled her left hand back like she preparing a punch. “What is it doing?” asked Lin. “She just an idiot like you.” Chen gloated, proudly. “Don’t bring a woman to do a man’s job.”
Lin and Aki glared at Chen. Kuma D. Bear seemed pissed at Chen as well, since she launched a punch straight for Chen and knocked him off his feet. “Oh yeah. I forgot.” said Dea. “Those bear can somehow understand human speech. And the females of the species can stretch their arms like rubber.”
“Why didn’t you tell me that before?!” Chen yelled out. “You seemed like you could have found it out.” said Dea sadly.
“Bastard!” moaned Chen. “Nevermind that.” said Muramaru, charged at Kuma D. Bear with his sword in hand. Kuma D. Bear then held her right hand and it became pitch black. Kuma D. Bear used her hand to block Muramaru’s sword. “What?”said Muramaru, surprised. Kuma D. Bear then swiftly kicked Muramaru out of the way.
“I’m on it!” said Aki, pulling out his kunais. Aki then threw all of the kunais at Kuma D. Bear. Kuma D. Bear swatted all of the kunais with her right hand, still pitch black. “Huh,” said Aki.
“How did this happen?” Aki said. “Weeeeeeellllllllll,” Dea said. “The only way to defeat Kuma D. Bear is to use your Ryuki, the energy used for magic.”
“What happen if we don’t have it?” said Muramaru, dodging Kuma D. Bear’s punch. “Everybody has Ryuki in their body. It’s all around us and every living thing.” said Dea. “Now if you can use it or not, well, we’ll just have to see.”
“Damn! I’ll handle it!” said Chen while he charged at Kuma D. Bear. Chen then kicked Kuma D. Bear on her head. Kuma D. Bear’s neck however stretched just like her arms.
“What?!” said Chen. Kuma D. Bear’s head then soared through the air toward Chen. Muramaru then rushed in front of Chen, sword in hand. Muramaru slashed at Kuma D. Bear’s head. Kuma D. Bear’s head turned pitch black as well and met Muramaru’s sword. Kuma D. Bear now readied her claw to slash at Muramaru.
Lin got an arrow, drawn it and shoot it off. An arrow soared into Kuma D. Bear’s back. “Grrrrraaaaaa!!!” Kuma D. Bear growled. Kuma D. Bear’s body then became totally dark and launched a quick claw slash horizontally at Lin. Aki for some reason crossed his chest with his arms.
“Bastard!!!” Chen yelled and punched Kuma D. Bear on the face. The punch didn’t affect Kuma D. Bear, but attacked with a swift kick at Chen which knocked him down. Muramaru then rushed in with a vertical slash at Kuma D. Bear. Kuma D. Bear meet Muramaru’s sword with a horizontal slash and knocked the sword down on the ground. Kuma D. Bear then launched an overhead punch at Muramaru.
“Aaaaaaahhh!!!” said Aki. Kuma D. Bear, hearing Aki’s screamed, rushed to Aki while she prepared a punch. Aki prepared too, with kunais in his hand, to attack Kuma D. Bear. What he didn’t know was a faint purple glow in his hand. “Eat this!!!” Aki shouted, starting his attack. Then a blue light flashed by Aki and hits Kuma D. Bear in the stomach. “Kuma D. Bear!!!” Dea yelled, ran up to Kuma D. Bear. Dea placed his hand on Kuma D. Bear’s body and released a white light on his hand. Kuma D. Bear’s stomach then suddenly started closing.
 “Weeeeellllll!!!” said Dea. “We have a winner! Lin-chan!!!” Aki, Chen, and Muramaru suddenly looked at Lin. Lin with bow in hand, looked tense and panted. “Now, Lin!” said Dea. “Release your Ryuki again.”
Lin held up her hand and tried to release her Ryuki. “Remember the state you were in when you use it.” Dea said as he encouraged Lin. Lin, remembering the pain and the tension, tried to release it again. This time, a blue light shown on her hand.
“Very good,” said Dea, suddenly behind Lin. “Now remember it for the time being. Eventually it’ll get to the point where releasing it will be like breathing.” Dea then put a hand on Lin and released a white light. Lin felt calm and soothing feeling spread on her body. She now noticed that all her wounds are healed.
“Now that one of you can use Ryuki, I think this is good time for you guys can rest for today.” said Dea. “So we’ll fight the bear again?” asked Muramaru. “No,” said Dea, the group then sighed together. “We’ll try something harder.” The group grimaced together. Dea smirked arrogantly.