Between Time & Space Chapter 4 — Aki’s Secret Script

The Narrator said “After training with Kuma D. Bear and Lin obtaining her Ryuki, our heroes are busy resting for the night. Well, everybody expect two people.”
Aki walked through the woods. “I wonder why Dea call me.” Aki thought to himself.
Aki then had a flashback. Three hours ago, Lin was practicing Ryuki release while the rest watch.
“You know you can stop. Doesn’t tire you?” asked Muramaru. “Dea said that as long as I hold my Ryuki, I should be fine.” answered Lin.
“Dammit, I’ll be the next one to master it!” shouted Chen as he held out his hands to try to release his Ryuki. “Grrraaaaaaa!!!” Chen growled.
“Aki,” Dea said, while Chen still attempted to release Ryuki. “Huh,” Aki said, while Chen still was trying to release Ryuki. “Weeeeellllllll, can you meet me tonight in private?” Dea asked. Aki looked and see that the others are busy watching Chen, who gave up and started panting right now. “Why?” asked Aki, frowning. “Just come tonight.” Dea said. “Sure,” Aki said.
Back to the present, Aki then arrived on the destination. Aki then saw Dea waiting for him. “Hey Aki,” Dea said. “Cut the chitchat,” barked Aki. “What do you want?” 
“Well, I notice that you are hiding something from me. So what is your secret?” asked Dea, curiously. Aki stand there silently, then suddenly he started laughing. “Hahaha hahaha. I don’t have any secret.” Aki said. “Is that so? How about this?” said Dea. Suddenly, he swiftly moved behind Aki. Dea then held up an item. Aki looked and grimace.
“Hey! That my bandages!!!” shouted Aki. “Well well,” said Dea and pointed at Aki’s chest. The chest is more curved and nicely rounded. “Aki is a girl!”
“How do you know?” Aki said, threateningly. “Weeeeellllllll,” said Dea as he had with a pondering look. “You were glaring at Chen back when he said his sexist ways. Not to mention, you crossed your chest when Kuma D. Bear slashes Lin’s chest.” Aki then remembered about those two moments. “Ah,” Aki said in realization.
“Now you don’t have to deepen your voice.” Dea said. “No! You’re not telling anybody, got it!” said Aki. “It’s better if you…” Dea started before Aki interrupted with “You’re not telling anyone and that’s that!” Aki then started leaving. “Remember Aki, you were almost there.” Dea said and grinned. Aki already left.
In the next morning, Chen, Muramaru, and Aki gathered around a pile of mould. Lin was busy practicing Ryuki releases. Dea then walk up to them and said “Ok guys! All of you guys except Lin-chan are going to train with a new training partner. Lin-chan, you stay busy practicing Ryuki releases, your training will start soon. Now! Are you ready!!!”
“Ready,” said the group. “Ok, come out Ronin Usagi!!!” Dea shouted. Suddenly, the mould burst out and a bunny landed. The bunny had a samurai kimono with red hair all over his body. The bunny also had a ponytail all the way down his back and a cross X shaped scar on his left cheek, and a naginata in his hand.
“Meet Ronin Usagi, he’ll be your training partner.” said Dea. “I’m first!” shouted Chen and launched a kick at Ronin Usagi. Chen then noticed that he hit an afterimage. “Where did he go?!” Chen yelled. Suddenly, Ronin Usagi charged and slashed at Chen vertically. “Gaaaaaaaa!!!” Chen growled.
Aki threw kunais and shurinkens at Ronin Usagi. Ronin Usagi then blocked all of the projectiles with a swift swing of his naginata. Suddenly and swiftly, Ronin Usagi dashed to Aki and started to slash horizontally at her. Muramaru however clashed Ronin Usagi’s naginata with his sword. Aki then pulled her ninken and slices Ronin Usagi. The cut was light but Ronin Usagi went berserk and ran all over the place, slicing up Muramaru and Aki in the process.
 Chen charged up to Ronin Usagi and started throwing rapid amount of punches at everywhere the bunny was. While Chen didn’t hit Ronin Usagi, he did hit his naginata out of the way towards Muramaru and Aki’s direction.
Ronin Usagi ran over to get his naginata, but Chen kicked him away. Rushing, Muramaru got up and grabbed the naginata while he sheathed his sword. Muramaru then charged while Aki started catching up. Muramaru suddenly slashed at Ronin Usagi. He grabbed Muramaru’s sword and dashed out of the way.
“Dammit, he got a weapon again.” Aki moaned. “It doesn’t matter. His reach has decreased a little.” said Muramaru. Ronin Usagi suddenly jumped up about twenty feet in the air. Then, with the help of gravity, Ronin Usagi felled with the sword ready to slash down. Muramaru then moved a bit and then prepared to slash at Ronin Usagi. Chen and Aki charged at Ronin Usagi and readied to attack, Chen with his kicks and Aki with her ninken.
Together, the three of them attacked Ronin Usagi. Ronin Usagi dodged and blocked all of the attack. Ronin Usagi then vertically slashed at Aki. Aki started to prepare to block with her ninken, but Ronin Usagi knocks it off her hand with force and slashed Aki’s chest, cutting through the bandages. “Ah!” said Aki, surprised and glanced at Chen and Muramaru. She is shocked to see that Chen and Muramaru saw the attack as well as her gender. “What! You’re a girl?!” Chen shouted, but Muramaru quickly return to fighting Ronin Usagi, saying “Nevermind that.”
Aki remembered the time when she is a child. Aki is with her father who looked like a stern Japanese man, having a very unpleased look on his face. “I am very disappointed with your training, Aki.” said Aki’s father. “I also don’t approve with being friends with Shimura’s girl.” “I just wanted to have a friend! I just want to be a normal girl!” cried Aki. “You are not a girl,” said Aki’s father. “You are a ninja first and a girl last. Remember the shame that I had when you were first born. Remember that!”
While Aki had her flashback, Muramaru and Chen was still busy fighting Ronin Usagi. Chen threw a punch at Ronin Usagi. Ronin Usagi then stabbed through Chen’s fist. “Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!” Chen screamed, and then Ronin Usagi slashed horizontally at Chen which knocked him away. Muramaru charged at Ronin Usagi and slashed at him. Ronin Usagi blocked Muramaru’s attack and suddenly the two exchange slashes at each other.
“I can’t lose here!!!” Muramaru shouted suddenly as he keeps up the blows. Ronin Usagi then dashed at Muramaru’s back and slashed. Surprised, Muramaru’s hand (and by extension his naginata) glowed red and suddenly slashed Ronin Usagi and knocked his sword down. “I… I did it.” Muramaru said, proudly.
Ronin Usagi charged for the sword. Muramaru figure that out, so he kicked it out of the way toward Chen. Ronin Usagi still charged on, so Muramaru prepared his Ryuki to attack him. Ronin Usagi then lept up to Muramaru and, surprisingly used his sheathe to hit Muramaru in the throat. “Gah…” Muramaru grunted before he fell to his knees.
Ronin Usagi dashed to Chen and grabbed his sword off the ground. Chen then got up and started kicking at Ronin Usagi, but Ronin Usagi slashed at Chen’s leg. Aki noticed Chen getting attacked and then snapped out of her flashback. “I can’t let him get hurt.” Aki said as she gritted her teeth. Suddenly, a purple light came out from her hands.
Meanwhile, Chen has thrown a punch at Ronin Usagi while he slashed back at him. Chen suddenly kicked Ronin Usagi in the air. “Yes!!! I got you!” yelled Chen. Chen then charged and was about to throw another punch until a purple glowing Kunai hit Ronin Usagi in the butt. Ronin Usagi responded by jumping fifty feet in the air and fell unconscious. “Coming!!!” Dea said as he teleported to Ronin Usagi to heal him. “Weeeeelllllll, not too hurt!!” Dea exclaimed. 
“What!!!” Chen yelled while he glared at Aki. “You, the liar win this!”
“Idiot, Aki wasn’t the only one.” said Lin, Chen and Aki jumped as they forgot Lin was there. “What does that suppose to mean.” said Chen as he scowled. “Slow as usual, Chen-chan. Muramaru also released his Ryuki too. So everybody won. Except…” Dea said, then he looked at Chen while he suppressed a laugh “You.”
“Grrrrr… Dammit!!!” shouted Chen. “How did I lose to them?” “Well, it something about how you hold yourself.” said Dea.
“Dea!” Aki shouted. “You were right, I was exposed.” “Yeah, and it’s a good thing.” Dea said. “Right guys?” “It’s great to have another girl. It was pretty lonely.” said Lin; her emotionless face gave an ironic look. “Gender and age doesn’t matter, Aki-dono.” said Muramaru as he bowed. “Let’s give it our best for training sakes.” “Of course!” said Aki as she blushed a little.
“Weeeeeeellllllllll, now is Chen-chan’s turn.” Dea gloated with a big grin on his face. “No, I… I still think female is inferior to men. Got it!” Chen declared as he blushed throughout it. “What did you say, short stuff!” shouted Aki, as she was also blushing. “Now, now. Don’t hide your feelings, guys. Wait, I know.” Dea said as he putted Chen’s hand on Aki’s breast. “Now, that’s better.”
Chen and Aki both break away and glared at Dea. “Deaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!” they both shouted while the panel shown the sky.