WHAMMY: The Haunting Predator


Just Wait, I have Many Great Surprises For You.

23–1–2016, At around 11 pm

Silent tears were running down on Shelby’s cheeks.

Her body felt sick and tired of running. She had been running, for how long? Who knew?

The trees around her felt like they were gaining on her. Not a leaf was moving, nonetheless it was a cold and bloody night.

As she recalled the sight of her being dragged, then knocked unconscious.

Sweating and waking up to be in a tight space with her body aching and yearning. It was excruciating and terrifying memory. It was a feeling she never desired to feel again.

The picture of her dead friends, on the floor, was tormenting her.

Her being forced to watch as the masked killers moved towards her screaming friends…. and…. the rest is darkness, it was everywhere.

“Yes…. Wait… No, I mean I saw blood, my brain….. It’s exploding, I can’t put pressure on it,” she was babbling to herself. She stopped to take a breath, but no they would come for her.

She was lucky, she had scampered, but she knew they would and were looking for her, but Why?

There was a gunshot that echoed around the woods. Suddenly, the lightning struck and the sound of thunder boomed through the forest’s.

She started to head for the hills again.

In minutes she had forgotten about, What was she flowing from?

And why? How she ended up here, around the woods covered in fluid. All she knew and wanted to do was… she had to…. she possessed to run to a safe place.

She had been injected by someone and the injection was….. She couldn’t remember anything at all. How did she reach at the heart of nowhere?

Crying and her torso was in desperate pain and infliction.

Her breathing got heavy, the wounds burnt all through her body, her legs, and her consciousness would fail her at any moment.

She spotted a store nearby the road, she went in, running.

Accidentally, she ran into a hard body.

It was a man, he restrained her arms to prevent her from falling.

She only noticed his gray, ice cold and fearless eyes in shock. He looked into her ocean blue eyes, they were holding terror and some kind of scourge in them.

Noah seems strangely surprised by her appearance.

Her clothes, torn apart from many places and soaked with blood and dirt, you could see the bruises around her neck and hands.

The Awe and reverence in her eyes, he saw that dread and revere before, he caught it in his mom’s eyes.

Noah almost felt sorry for her.

He really wanted to help her. ‘Wait, What? Why? No way! When did I ever feel sorry for anyone and help huh! Not even after I die’ he told himself. After all, he was likewise trying to escape a tragedy.

Noah had seen things he shouldn’t have and done things he shouldn’t have done. He hated what he has been executing and what he has become. He promised his mom, but got around the promise just because of that one damn miserable and disastrous night.

Shelby was still weeping, but silently.

After a spell of holding it in, she let out a loud cry. Who is he anyway? Will he help me? Can he? Thought Shelby, She couldn’t speak her gullet, her neck, was in an unwanted annoyance.

She swallowed hard at first and said “I…. help! … please!… Safe place…” With those words only coming out of her mouth, she began getting dizzy and darkness was covering her eyes. She fainted, but Noah didn’t let her go down.

Noah just didn’t know what to do.

He checked her pulse “Shit. She is alive. What am I going to do now?….. I could leave her behind the depot”. He panicked at first, but nevertheless, he ended up carrying her by placing one arm under her knees and the other on her back, towards his car.

He was ruthless himself, but possibly she could be of use.

He shook that thought, “Maybe if I help her.. I mean… I could try to make up for my crimes,” he stated to himself positively.

He landed her in his car, without hesitation.

He didn’t desire to be doing this, but he did. He didn’t believe in himself. ‘Think about the good you are doing Noah’ he kept telling himself.

As Noah reached his hut (it was his getaway place), he placed her on his bed.

He held her up, examining her carefully. He was sure she would be beautiful, her body was full of injuries, merely it looked so fine even then. The things he has lived through… right now, he only could think of that body of hers. He desired to be promising and optimistic, “Darn that body,” he was frustrated, that body of hers was giving him negative waves.

He smirked and walked by his table for water.

He clutched the icy water glass, smiling deviously saying “Oh poor damsel. You will regret meeting me”.

He thought, if he helped her he might fetch something in return, he had a lustful smile on his face.

Directly he heard a loud noise and heavy bang on the door.

He quickly stuck up and looked at his front door, it slammed open, a big guy came in.

“What the hell? How dare you burst into my HOUSE!?” He was ferocious.

With entire confidence, he moved towards the big man. His muscles responded, he was proceeding to beat the crap out of this man, but he got distracted when the window broke and pieces of glass shattered on the floor.

Masked Men started engulfing the small cottage. It becomes chaos, he fought them. He never gives up, he was strong, comfortably built, muscular and valiant.

“Boss will be much Happy, when we will be delivering two more victims tonight and that Girl is trouble for you Noah Alessio Fernandez” the man chuckled, it was in his voice, Noah was shocked ‘How the hell did he know me?’

Shelby woke up finding chaos around her. She screamed, when a man was approaching her, she tied her knees to her chest and placed her hands in front of her, to protect herself. Noah saw her impeccable look. He quickly tried moving towards her, until something hit his head vigorously and he fell on the footing.

Shelby saw Noah struggling to get to her, but when he wasn’t capable of moving, she lost hope.

One of the men smacked his gun on her face, she bleeds out and shrieked loud.

She tried yelling for help, it was no utilization. She couldn’t concentrate, she couldn’t breathe or see well, everything was fuzzy from the earlier abuse.

“Ronny, I will hold her you inject her, Boss will be really Thrilled when we have her.” Said the guy, he held Shelby, by her neck, two men held her arms and branches. She tried to shout, but the big guy named Ronny placed his hand on her mouth, she then bit his hand.

“Ouch! You bitch” with that he injected her neck with strength. Shelby only gasped really hard then let it out. Seconds didn’t pass and lights went off for her.

She swooned.


Shelby woke up in the horror sight of finding her all bound up. It took her a moment to see the room clearly. There was only one bulb in the middle. She let out a cry, when she saw bodies falling on one side of the room, with no heads and the heads were on the other side of the room.

There was a table positioned in front of her.

She was petrified by the sentiment, she couldn’t believe or beat it. There were hands on the table, cut off hands.

The heads were cut off, but the bodies had different stabbed wounds, almost everywhere, which made it confusing, how did these people die? And who were they?

At the end of the table was a guy, he was unconscious and tied up as well. She cried and yelled, but her mouth was covered and her throat was dry, It felt like someone, ripped off her neck. Her lungs tightened, stomach hurt, it was like she was just beaten up badly. She couldn’t recall what had happened (again).

As she attended at the guy on the other end of the table, she realized it was the man she bumped into earlier.

It came back to her and the pain of seeing him all beaten up, she whined and tried to get free, but no use of it. The ropes were too laborious for her, she only made her wrist get sore and bloody. She thought of the guy, he was only helping and look, where she made him end at.

The frightful scene… of the heads, the bodies and the hands.

She was absolutely scared to death.

In a blink of an eye, she recognized some of the faces (the dead heads).

Amber and Victor… Oh God! Sir Archie no… Not him too. How could someone do this? Why? They all were good people, she thought to herself.

She was so devastated. Who could have killed them? Wait, she saw them die, but not like this. Her heart ached, was this all because of her?. Did they pursue her again?. Did they find her again? She was in tears, she wanted the pain to end physically and mentally.

Noah woke up, he saw Shelby tied up in front. His muscles were under stress, tension and discomfort. What was I beaten up? Man, this girl Ahhh!!…. She got me in this mess, but wait, that guy he recognized me, so how dare he tie me up and beat me. He will definitely pay, he knew my dad so why? The thought of his murderous and violent made him resentful and wrathful.

He was angry infuriated and enraged.

He wanted her to pay or at least use her after getting out of here. They wanted her, but they won’t receive her. It really wasn’t her fault, though.

He noticed she was facing at the heads and the bodies.

He wasn’t tensed by the prospect. He had been in worse. He also could tell this was not the topographic point where these once so called people were killed, everything has been just so clean, the floor, the table, and the walls.

He discovered she was still staring at a few of the heads.

She knew some of them perhaps? He wasn’t surprised by any of this or even troubled, ‘if only she knew what I have experienced or done huh! He just shook his head in silence and smirked. He took a few breaths before attempting to escape this horrid place.

Something was coming to her, a memory, she heard few familiar voices and footsteps outside the room.

She then spotted the guy in front of her, who had just woken up. He was trying to free himself and in surprise, he was bringing home the bacon, it was nothing for him.

She started to remember stuff ( the familiar voices she heard had helped with that).

Her parents, they both were alcoholic and abusive. She needed a respite from them, work and all the pressure of life.

Her friends decide a camping trip a… ..And they were on the Van.

Andy, Carrie, Angie, Victor, Amber, Hugo and Brian, were all with her.

First, Andy, pronounced “Yo! Shelly. I got a neat surprise for you, waiting at the campsite” Shelby was curious, but then all the others intruded, everyone saying the same thing “I have a surprise too” they all looked at each other. They burst out laughing simultaneously.

“Mine will be the best,” said Hugo smirking. Shelby got a very enthusiastic reception. She was loved by all her friends. Brian then lets out a laugh “I can affirm you that mine will be more surprising” Shelby felt chills, when he gave her a luscious smile.

Carrie said “No way dude! Mine is better and I’m not sure if anyone will really like it” her words were funny, we ignored her with a laugh “I’m serious” she enunciated. “We all are dear Carrie,” said Angie after that, the bus driver let out a scream and all went black with some people laughing in amusement.

Within the moments she was trying to calculate out what had happened to her and her friends.

Noah had gotten free, he totaled up to Shelby. He saw thunderbolt in her eyes, she was still looking at the three heads in front. She was obviously in agony.

“You knew them? Didn’t you?” Noah asked untying her “Y… Yes” Silent tears were flowing.

“What’s your name?” Shelby got up the chair, her body was frail and shaking. Noah helped her get steady “Sh… Shelby” she managed to attend at his cold sympathetic eyes, but yet his face was emotionless and hard.

That name shot a bullet in his chest, ‘No way it can’t be her? No wonder, her face looked so familiar and I couldn’t leave her there.’

“My name is Noah. Detective Noah, I will aid you find their killer and I’m sorry about them too.” He smiled cordially. He was lying, but maybe to preserve her life, she didn’t know that. He had to restrain her now, away from these villainous people.

She was curious about him, though.

Shelby only managed to nod, she was truly thankful to him.

He saw her face, her cheeks they were red, a crimson color, not naturally, but from blood and the tears rolled down her beautiful blue eyes, so much more bruises than before, he noticed it all. The girl’s eyes had veneration them and an untold story.

He started feeling pity and sympathy was appearing on his face. He hardened it, swaying all the pathetic thoughts.

After releasing and comforting her, he quickly pulled the emergency phone, he always keeps in his shoes and called someone, he does get in many troubles.

“Ryan. Track my location quickly and get me out of this hell,” he stated it with command and strength in his voice.

Noah quickly spotted a window. He took no time in demolishing it.

“Detec…Noah I… I hear people coming” Shelby was frightened. Noah only smiled, but she didn’t know what that smile meant. He had a few bruises around his arms and face, only he was in better shape than Shelby.

He quickly came closer to her and got a grip on her waist, she gasped at first, because of the sudden reaction, he was only picking her up to the window and he accompanied her out.

They were both running.

They could hear the shouting behind them, they never laid off, even bullets started being fired.

They reached at the end, finding a road in front of them. ‘It came quickly’ Shelby thought, it would take a spell. It was so suspicious he knew the direction? Who is he really? He wasn’t scared?. He is a detective, maybe that’s why?

A car came within minutes “Get in,” said Noah addressing Shelby. “Noah what the-” Ryan was interrupted “Drive” Noah gave him a look and his voice was coarse.

Shelby’s arm wound started to bleed “Shit,” said Noah as he noticed the wound. He looked for something to enclose around the wound, but there was nothing. Shelby got on what he was essaying to do.

She tore a piece of the shirt from her other sleeve and gave it to Noah.

He wrapped it tight and nicely. The blood stopped, for now.

“Your … Your head, “ said Shelby is asked if he was okay, “I’m going to be fine, just focus on yourself, “ he didn’t look at her, it was uncanny.

The rest of the ride was quiet and Shelby thought of her friends.

She remembered again, she was first localized in a tight space, she couldn’t move at all, but then she was pulled out and she had seen Amber and victor die the unbearable scene, it was awful, their screams filled her head. She didn’t want to think about it, but it kept doubling itself. The miserable laughs, she heard, familiar maybe, but she didn’t want to watch a recap.

Where were they and what happened to them? (She was guessing about the rest of the friends) Wait the surprise, the laughs… was one of them involved? No, it can’t be one of them. She wanted to ascertain out what really happened and help if she could, but she could do nothing.

She needed help, it was obvious. She got a little nervous as they reached a big mansion.

Noah let out a sigh of relief.

He barely knew this girl, but he would hold open her as revenge and help her in his own way. After all he does have a reputation to uphold.

If she was really the SHELBY, then she is worth keeping, I will make the people pay for all the murders they had done and refused to utter the truth. I would keep her safe.

The security was extremely tight.

As they came out of the car Noah ordered Ryan to get a doctor the guards and some men gathered around Shelby and Noah.

She was now trembling, “Who… who are y… you?” She asked in fright from his empty, cold eyes and heartless, barbaric face.

He had a lustful smile now on his face every bias he said “Why I’m a Detective”

He let out a little laugh while running his hand through his hair and continued,

“I’m a bigger threat than you were in before and you got me into a mess, where I was hurt. Oh, damsel in distress. You will regret this”.

He was loving the expression on Shelby’s face. Her body was trembling with alarm. He wanted her to at least fear him.

“That is a maybe… Though, I have two personalities, which one would you like to experience?” He walked over to her and curled the strips of her hair, he stooped and whispered in a harsh tone, his breath teased her ear.

“I’m a detective who can help and keep you safe, but my other side” moving a little away and placing his hands in his pockets, he smirked licking his lower lips “I will tell you later about it, My Damsel in Distress


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