Life unboxed !

I wonder why we sleep in these stupid boxes. Don’t pretend as if you don’t know what boxes I’m talking about. If you call these concrete buildings with beehive cubicles your HOUSE then hear me laugh at you. The funniest part is even I live in a similar but may be dimensionly different BOX! This box has ruined my brain. How can I think 'Out of the box' if I live in one? My creative centres are hungry for more and all visuals I get in this box are- 
Anterior wall
Posterior wall
Right lateral wall
Left lateral wall 
A Floor bounded by these walls &
A roof with a rotating fan :(

This weird box has a door and two windows too.
I have painted the walls to make this box lively. Some mural make over did help my appetite.
But none could match my love for windows.

Cyberbullies please note the windows I meant aren’t OS. They are just WINDOWS from Oxford dictionary!!

Well I know I’ve left you wondering too.
Before I feed your curious mind let me show you something.


After you finish this sentence, look around carefully




Where are you while you are reading this piece?Are you in a box too? If not I can bet there will be at least one around you :(

Now what?
What to do with these stupid boxes?

I agree they keep us safe from bloody winters and rainy rains and blah blab blah- blah blah blah! But that doesn’t mean you make it your ‘sleeping cocoon’.
So what exactly should we do with these boxes?

The pill I’m on is rooftops!! 
Rooftops! The best would be a boxless world I agree and that is supposedly never gonna happen. Okay then back to our rooftops with a shoutout to all those who haven’t had a rooftop night ever in their life — Dump the BOX, rooftops rock! I see the moon and stars,shooting stars and the darkness around. I count aeroplanes too. All this with my secret gang of mosquitoes and Odomos and the super saver net.

Again for the cyberbullies,net is NOT internet. It is just a NET for trapping tiny things!
This net is stupid too because it blocks my panoramic view.

Why think ‘OUT OF THE BOX’ when you can sleep ‘ON THE BOX' !

Let me see an eyeful of the blue skies,of horizons, of vast boxless stretches and everything else for the sake of this fucking creative brainbox.