Really Short Story #1

He hadn’t thought anything of the morning, other than that his mom had let him take an Uber alone for the first time.

“Uber or Juno,” she thought. “We know Uber, but Juno is so new! They probably vet their drivers super carefully.”

Sammy’s dad chuckled at his wife in only the way love allows at such an absurd thought. As a nine-year-old who only knows what he hears, Sammy preferred Uber.

He followed the rain drops on the closed window beside him as they merged into one another and raced to the bottom; he wanted new drops, so he opened the window and winced as the fresh rain landed on his face. Having cleared the window of its drops, Sammy peered outside and noticed a woman in tears. Hmm, that stinks. More drops filled the window and again, New York City became a blur.

“He should be there in a minute,” read the text Sammy’s mom sent his brother.

“Kk. Waiting for him outside.”

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