Sticky Bridge.

“Hey! What going on over there?”, the shout was like the rumble of a train.
“It’s wake up time.”
The shadow of the setting moon brought the gentle light and the dark shadows. 
I had been dreaming of this moment for as long as I could remember. I was not sure how long that was, but it wasn’t long enough to worry me.
I could hear the rustling and the commotion.
What was happening I was not certain, but I had overheard a story last night.
“What the…, who was calling me this early?
“It’s me Pin.”
For a moment I thought I was going mad, was I calling myself?
The voice was different, but I did not know whose voice.
The call was insistent and growing louder.
I tried opening the door, but it didn’t budge. It was as if someone had sealed me into a tomb. I pushed the door harder, but the result was the same. Was I trapped in my house? I had overheard a strange story the night before, I think. It was about a little girl who left her room and got lost in the dark.
Apparently, her brothers went looking for her. They followed the lighted path, walking one behind the other. Her younger brother made it into the light but got stuck on a sticky transparent bridge. One after the other they got stuck. The last in line climbed over his brothers and read the name of the bridge. 
He passed the name along and warned the others not to take that bridge before he too got stuck. At least the bridge was less smelly than the pathway. 
I wanted to stay inside but the urge to leave was strong. Then I heard my name again.
“Pin Worm!” come out and play.

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