The best way to die

Prompt: All prisoners on death row now get to choose how they die. You are the person who approves or denies their choice.

“I want to die of orgasm, surrounded by 59 naked supermodels while jumping out of the airplane without a parachute.”

“Well, that’s just….”

“Wait, I’m not finished. So me and 59 supermodels are falling off the plane, entangled into an orgy ball of pleasure, and at the last moment before we land I take out my snowboard, and hit the slopes of an active volcano. Without slowing down I am starting to slide down the slopes, causing an avalanche, supermodels are following me on their own snowboards. As we slide, multiple snipers observing us from a distance, start shooting us with syringres filled with heroine. Once we are at the bottom, I detatch my snowboard, and jump into a specially prepared robo-suit, and charge into the pit of veloceraptors that are awaiting me. I fight all of them and win, while the models are watching. Then, president Obama, Kanye West, and Emma Watson congratulate me and thank me for my service to this country. Then we all procede to have a super orgy, where as I come so hard that I die of pleasure. Now I’m finished.”

“Well, the law is the law. I’ll go get started on cloning velociraptors and training snipers, while you, my friend, shall go and take some snowboarding courses….”

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