The disappearance of Jonathan Tompkins. (First draft)

Some of the details, including locations and people are slightly altered to better reflect the plot and protect the identity of people mentioned.

This tale topped many blogs and websites and it was altered in many ways on each, this is a fictional version dedicated to the original poster, he knows who he is. (You may or may not find many spelling mistakes, please leave a comment if so, even if not)

Part 1

Willcox — Arizona, August 2016

Rachel- Saturday morning

I woke up a bit late, all cranky and shit, still drooling yesterday’s gin and tonic on my checkered pillow, with a hint of neat regret. I glanced over a pile of empty bottles around the couch on which a murmuring one night stand slept shrunk like a newborn. Whatever happens, irregardless of how late I wake; most of my morning ritual is on the toilet, checking out rebroadcasts of yesterday’s Esports championships or catching up on what I’ve missed on the meme corner of the interwebs.

Last night, it took me a long while to just shut down and fall asleep, I’m used to it, it always happens, to most of us night owls, we learn to adjust to it, knowing that we can’t change it, that we shouldn’t, It’s like forcing a penguin to fly. I washed my face in the kitchen sink, waiting for the milk to heat in the microwave, yes I have my cereal with hot milk, do not panic though, pineapples do not go on a pizza, they just cannot.

I had my breakfast in a hurry, standing up, watching god knows which episode of Stranger Things on mute, a show everyone was talking about in the office, slept halfway through the first episode. Force of habit, my thumb navigates automatically to some fun meme/gag app, and it’s always opened in the background, exactly where I left off. I start from top, scroll down slowly, oddly ignoring GIFs and long posts, until one caught my eye: “Got a notification from my smart home app in the middle of the night saying “Your doorbell detected a visitor”” The post was a weird face looking into what looks like a camera. I was pissed, I love this community, but I hate people who post shit like that to get to the “Hot” page.

I read the comments trying to understand what’s going on, but was too lazy to scroll further into the abyss. I read random comments about something like this being posted on reddit and others saying it’s fifteen years old. “Why is shit like this getting to hot?” I hit post, put my phone away and jumped into the shower. The water was a bit colder than usual, or maybe that’s what I felt, I felt like I was getting sick, but colder water means less shower time, and no shower thoughts because your body is busy twitching and your mind is still off, on, off, off, off, o…on .. ON!!.

I actually kept thinking about that face I saw last night, It was extremely frightning and very well paintd, or photoshoped, I rarely get intrigued by this kind of posts, but that one made me cringe everytime I looked at that face I screenshotted to show my faint hearted colleague.

Jonathan — Friday Evening

Ever since I’ve perfected my gaming setup, I haven’t been outside after work, I had no idea this breakup is going take a toll on me, it happened many times before with many girlfriends, you always recover, you get distracted, you get drunk. Things ended too fast that I felt nothing at first, It felt like a soccer field injury, the ones you only feel after you get home, it hit a week later when I was doing laundry. Her dog kept giving me a look full of anguish, carrying one of her socks in her mouth and leaving it on top of my long dead Macbook. That look hit me like a gigantic log smashing a fortress gate pushed by a thousand little puppies.

I’ve never had a dog before, I do not know what’s it like to have a pet around, Hinata showed me into this wonderful realm, she’s as caring and sweet as a saint, a mother and a little kid combined. Her name wasn’t that, but in process of getting rid of any ex triggers, it had to be changed, I called her that after Hinata Hyuga of the hidden leaf, because her eyes are big and blueish.

I binge watched anime series for weeks, haven’t seen anyone in a long time and Hinata, she got used to going on her daily walks alone, sometimes for hours but lately only a few minutes, she comes back and sits on her stuffed beef patty, giving me the usual look, making it harder and harder to just let go. Friends and family kept coming to my door step ever since I smashed my phones, both mobile and the normal dingy annoying rotary dial. They were just making sure I’m still alive, all gave up after a while, It’s only Hinata and a glass of whisky that I care about now.

“Your doorbell detected a visitor

I keep getting these notifications every time someone stands at my door, I installed it to filter the pizza delivery guy out of everyone else, today though; it started to act weird, although I’ve got it for only a week now “First class Chinese manufacturing” said the guy who came by to install it, with a brown butted cigarette dangling from the side of his mouth and all.

“Ivana, listen to me..”


“No, you have to listen”

“Look, I don’t want you to get fi..”

“What, fired? I’m fine Ivana It’s just a recovery period, I’ll be fine, make yourself at home I need to go down to the basement and get some laundry done”

She’s always been this caring, I really like her for that, but I got to a point where I can’t have another soul in the house with me at the moment, and we work together. A few weeks of unpaid vacation won’t kill anyone.

Night fell earlier today, I sat on my couch watching random episodes of Archer, sipping on yesterday’s ginger tea, cold and stale but still is a silver lining. Hinata was out all day, probably eloping or just chasing off the neighbor’s ugly cat, that little shit keeps knocking the trash off, scattering everything across the street. I went to bed early, hoping to get back to work sometime tomorrow. I climbed into bed, cold and coughing like a sputtering old VW. Not long until I was startled by the thud of Hinata’s little door flapping, I totally forgot she wasn’t home yet.

“Your doorbell detected a visitor

“Your doorbell detected a visitor

I woke to the third notification, 1:20 in the morning, someone must have rang the door bell without me waking up to it, might have been a very short press, someone knows they shouldn’t be here, someone knows they have no right to ring the bell properly, Ivana.

I dragged myself downstairs, wiped the freezing foggy living room window with the tummy of my hand and looked outside, no one, no footsteps in the snow, the doorbell is going crazy again. I went back to bed, lights out not to startle Hinata even though she was already awake. My bed was still warm, unlike the wooden floor which felt like antarctic ocean.

“Your doorbell detected a visitor

“Your doorbell detected a visitor

“Your doorbell detected a visitor

“Ivana are you at my doorstep, yes or no?” I hit send as quick as I could and shoved my hand under the sheets.

“What? what are you talking about?”

“I knw ur outside, u slept in your car a few nights ago right around the corner… I have no idea whatz going on with u, but please, just, stop”

As Ivana was typing, I got another.

“Your doorbell detected a visitor” with a camera icon next to it this time.

I freaked out, this doorbell is going, I’m grabbing a goddam hammer and knocking it the fuck down. I tapped that notification and my body went numb “Who the fuck is this, what the hell…is that” I mumbled to myself in the darkness. Hinata was going crazy downstairs, She’s never barked at visitors, not even once. I rushed down in panic, wrapping my arms around her and stroking her temples “Shhh now, good girl, it’s alright”

She kept barking like there is a figure standing at the other side of the door, I freaked out even more, what do I do, who the fuck is she, what is that face, in the picture, her mouth was bleeding from both sides, with freaking sharp teeth showing even with it shut. There is no one outside, I couldn’t control my breathing, I ran upstairs, sweating, trying hard to load two shells into my double barrel shotgun

“Your doorbell detected a visitor, camera”

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