The truth behind the Deepdream

Prompt: In the year 2030 we learn why Google’s Deepdream is always seeing dogs in everything. The answer is horrifying.

….And thus our study concludes that the fundamental unit of all matter is dogs. We thought that everything was made of atoms and quarks and superstrings, but turns out that underneath it all, there are so-called microdogs. Just like combination of quarks and electrons make different kinds of atoms and elements, different combinations of dogs create different kinds of quarks. For example Up quark is made of a micro-spaniel and micro-golden-retreiver. Bottom quark is 2 micro-collies and one labradoodle, etcetera.

The other, more terrifying conclusion, is that on the macro-level, everything is a part of a mega-dog. After years of studying space with our most advanced telescopes, we found that all planets and galaxies form macro-elements, and macro-elements turn out to fall into a pattern that looks like a mega-dog. Our hypothesis is that our universe exists on the nose of a 15-dimensional mega-poodle.

Also, it’s possible that all the matter is circular, and that the mega-dogs are the micro-dogs. All the matter is made out of them and adds up to them. Understanding this aspect of our existence is crucial, because it’s possible that there’s a poodle running around somewhere that contains all the galaxies we know about, including our own. We need to do more tests though, therefore we ask you for more funding. Our study can not continue right now, because we have run out of mushrooms.

Any questions?

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