How to remove Ethereum pending transaction

Until recently, we thought the Ethereum network was fail-safe as a AK-47 assault rifle. But a few days ago, the machine got stuck. What is the problem? If you send a transaction to the network with a gas price insufficient to make a transaction or execute the code, your transaction will hang out in the status of pending for some long indefinite time. And if your business process depends on this account, then your business can completely stop. What actually happened to us — we wanted to transfer the received investments to our team of traders, but one of the accounts had a transaction on the status of pending for almost a day. We could not sign the withdrawal of funds from multisig purse. By the way, multisig 3of3 is a very bad idea.

fail-safe as a AK-47 assault rifle

We have sent a transaction to the network for Approve withdrawal of funds from the multisig wallet, accidentally a minimum cost per gas of 1 gwei was set. The transaction was sent into the network and hung in the status of Pending. All subsequent transactions for it also hung in the status of pending, regardless of whether the price of gas was set at 21 or even 41 gwei.

In attempts to somehow influence the situation — you generate more new transactions. Such transactions can accumulate 20 or even 100 until the very first problem transaction with the price for gas in 1 Gwei is processed — you will not be able to do anything. Given that the last week the network was overloaded a little more than always:

an unpleasant picture emerges … How much to wait is unknown, you can’t just to call to miners and beg them “please include my transaction in the next block”.

Moreover, if your account is also the Owner of some smartcontract then no action to configure the smartcontract you also can’t do.

But the solution was found!

You need to send a new transaction to the network, indicating that it has the same nonce as the transaction, which caused a congestion. Set the price of gas above, for example 20 Gwei. The transaction may send nothing — that is, you can send 0 Eth.

To do this you need: on the site find your “problem” transaction and copy the nonce.

Go to, then go to the Send Offline tab:

Enter your address in the From Address field, any address in the To Address field, Value / Amount to Send, leave 0, Gas price set at 20 gwei — 20000000000 (9 zeros after 20):

Then specify the nonce that you learned on the etherscan, select Keystore File (UTC / JSON), select the file keystore of your account, enter the password and unlock your account with the Unlock button. There will have to wait a little — there is a process of unlocking the account.

Then click on Generate Transaction, and then send the transaction by clicking the Send Transaction button.

That’s all! Let’s look on Ethetscan. Your transactions began to walk.

P.S. If you have sent several transactions with cheap gas to the network, you must repeat it for each of them.


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