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Do you fear people reading your work? What if they see themselves in your work and, well, get pissed?

When, as writers, do we cross the line? When are our words capable of causing more harm than good in our lives? Is it when someone reads our work and sees themselves there — and then retaliates? Is it when trolls find our work and take up the cause of ruining us? Is it when someone we love reads that one thing we wrote about them and stops speaking to us?

These are very real concerns for the vulnerable writer.

Some time ago I wrote a personal essay about my experiences with my downstairs neighbor. I had just moved into…


Final week of MWE. Let’s do this.

Here we are. Week 5.

If you’ve been following along with the May Writing Experience, checking out our tag page, utilizing the resources and guidance we’ve provided for you, and trying out some of the exercises — then likely, you’ve grown.

As a writer. As a Medium content creator. And hopefully, as a person.

Samantha Lazar and I have both received a lot of messages and comments from many of you reporting the growth you are seeing on your Medium profile and with your writing goals, but as you know, there’s more to it than that. …


May Writing Experience, Introducing WEEK ONE (MAY 1–7) Materials / Tasks

Welcome to week one of the May Writing Experience, a collaborative writing challenge by Fiddleheads & Floss Poetry and Sky Collection. This is week 1 / Introduction to the topic and the Medium challenge(s) for the week.

The Writing Muse

You’ve likely heard other writer friends talking about their muse. I’ll admit, when I first began writing more prolifically and meeting other writers, I was a bit jealous. I wasn’t sure I had one of those fancy-schmancy muses. I wanted one too!

I’ve since learned, the concept of a muse differs from writer to writer, painter to painter, creator to creator. So what…


Come and join Fiddleheads & Floss Poetry and Sky Collection Publications for a May Medium Writers Growth Challenge.

At the bottom of this post are the links for the event — in order.

Welcome to the May Writing Experience.

Two Medium pubs are collaborating for a month-long writing experience, complete with Medium challenges to nourish your writing growth as well as your professional growth here on Medium. Who should join us? I am glad you asked.

  • New Medium writers who are still learning the ropes here at Medium.
  • Poets, creative writers, novelists, essayists, bloggers, SEO and science writers, finance writers, technical writers, and basically anyone who puts pen to paper or fingertips to keyboard and writes. …


An essay response to POMprompt # 25

author’s graphic |

I have the pleasure of working with the lovely Samantha Lazar who recently challenged writers with POMprompt #25, asking why readers should read the genre of poetry and why Medium should give more attention to poetry here on the platform. Well, I have a lot to say about this.

I work as a freelancer and poetry editor, therefore, it is safe to say, I read a lot of poetry. Some of it inspires me to tears and some of it nearly bores me to tears, but as I read, a miraculous thing always happens. Sometimes, it is early within the…

Here are the juicy details!

Author graphic

Now that we’ve done the hard work…
Now that we’ve pushed ourselves hard through the month of May…

It’s time to let the numbers speak. In this post, I will be analyzing the growth of my Medium presence by looking at the stats going into May and the stats coming out of the May Writing Experience.

Here are the comparisons. Note: If you are doing this for yourself, you may want to calculate percentage growth. Here’s the formula for doing that:


A few thoughts on storytelling week and how that changes everything for writers

This week for May Writing Experience, Samantha Lazar has been nudging me in a very uncomfortable direction. We’ve been talking a lot on Messenger throughout our day and before I knew it, stories were pouring out of me.

Some of those stories I didn’t even know I needed to tell. Some of those stories I didn’t want to tell.

The gift of storytelling is to incorporate your own personal story with a solid value for the reader. Sometimes, the story is powerful enough in and of itself. …


Week 3, post 3 of 3

Author’s graphic

Welcome back to week three of the May Writing Experience, where we are having a large discussion about Finding Greatness, both within the writing community and within ourselves as writers.

It’s time to discuss building confidence in yourself and your work as a writer.

For today’s lesson, we’re turning to the greats. Folks in our industry who have done this thing that we are doing. And they’ve done it well enough to have earned a voice in this conversation. We’ll listen to two brief interviews with a legendary writer, take a look at the advice of a coaching expert, and…


Week 3, post 2 of 3

Author’s graphic

Welcome to May Writing Experience Week Three. This is the 2nd post on the theme Discovering Greatness.

Catch the other posts right here.

· Finding your own inner talents
Changing the inner dialogue that quashes your greatness
Resource: Find and Follow Your Purpose by Jeff Goins, on the School of Greatness Podcast
· A reiteration of this week’s Medium goals:
Challenge One:
Challenge Two:
Expanding on your Medium challenges for the week: choosing big publishing goals.

Finding your own inner talents

I found my writing talents rather late in life, though I’d been…


Let’s expand on our Medium challenges for the week. BONUS article and a guide to the previously published ones

author’s graphic

Hello MWE participants. Samantha Lazar and I have been working hard behind the scenes to prepare all of the materials for you for this month’s challenges. I hope you have been enjoying them.

This Week’s Medium Challenges
Challenge One
Challenge Two
Expanding on your Medium challenges for the week: choosing big publishing goals.


Fiddleheads & Floss Poetry

Poetry * Prose * Life

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