A Twittle a Twattle, Three Ships and a Bottle

My first Twittle…here we go…

Pixabay License

Twittles are completely new to me. But thanks to Carolyn Hastings, this fun form has come to my attention. They’re a micropoem, but kinda not, with a rhyme scheme you can use or not, but you’d better start a’ countin’ cuz every alphabetical character makes up the 100 allowed…




Fiddleheads & Floss Poetry & SEO gets to the heart of writing — how to be inspired by it, how to enjoy it, how to learn and grow from it, and yes — how to earn a living with it. Because we all deserve to make a living doing what we love!

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Christina Marie Ward

Christina Marie Ward

SEO content writer in health, wellness living, psychology, relationships, CBD and cannabis. Currently NOT taking new clients or work. Booked till end of July.

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