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Poetry * Prose * Life — Author/Poet Bio: Christina Ward is a poet and aspiring author working on her first book, a piece of literary, mainstream fiction. She is a columnist for the Observer News Enterprise newspaper. She earned her Bachelor of Science from Catawba College in Environmental Science, which greatly influences her work. She also studied creative writing and English at Catawba. Her poetry has been published in the Cameo literary magazine, the Arrowhead literary magazine, Vita Brevis Poetry Magazine, and in Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine. She lives in rural North Carolina with her family.

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Christina Ward 💗
Follow for poetry, articles on writing, parenting, mental health, humor, and encouragement. She/her 💗POM-admin!💗Kofi@ https://ko-fi.com/christinaward
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Christina Ward 💗
Follow for poetry, articles on writing, parenting, mental health, humor, and encouragement. She/her 💗POM-admin!💗Kofi@ https://ko-fi.com/christinaward
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Johanna Naomi
Mom, singer, dreamer, writer. Fire sign pluviophile. Midwest wildflower heart, living in the mountains.
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Ashwini Dodani
Poetry. Films. Top 100 — Digital Marketing 2019. Creative Strategist. Poetry Book — Savoir Faire: Do the WRITE thing | Instagram: @ashwinidodani
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Tapan Avasthi ⛄️
Poetry and prose about life from the lens of an engineer. Buy me a coffee — https://www.paypal.me/tapanavasthi 💗POM-poet!💗
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Heather Huffman 💙
Lover of reading and writing. Wife and mother of three. Uses the pen name J.J. Kennedy. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter- @authorjjkennedy 💙POM- Poet!💙
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Sonia Motwani
I ate sun for the breakfast and have been shining since then💛 Author of 'Silent Defiance' @viva_la_poema on Instagram
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Sam Kimberle
Perpetual student, searching for my ikigai. I am an Artist in artistic recovery care of Julia Cameron. Top writer in poetry. ❤️POM-Poet!❤️
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Jenny Justice
A Poet Mom who brings Poetry to life in ways that spark empathy, connection, joy, justice, and feeling. Sociologist. Writer. Poetry Fangirl ❤POM Poet❤
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Gretchen Lee Bourquin 💗POM-poet!💗
I’m a MN writer battling my demons & learning to celebrate angels. facebook.com/gretchenleewritermn/ twitter.com/gretchenlee instagram.com/gretchenleebourquin
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Jessi Roman
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K. A. Bennett
a poet and artist, mother, nature-seeking lover of the profound in the mundane
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Salathia Richburg
A writer sharing her life-lessons and passions. Focusing on Self-Improvement and Personal Growth. Speaking my truth through writing and poems.
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A. Christine Myers
💗POM-poet💗Writer. Blogger. Grower. Maker. I love living things.
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Keara Lou
Former ESL teacher who spent most of her 20’s in China. Now, she lives in Northern Michigan writing and learning how to be a stepparent. Loves travel and humor.
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Zarina Dara 🥀💃🏻
sneaking poetry into the corners of the day, and telling stories to myself in grasp of sanity.
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Heidi Franklin
Heidi Franklin is a writer, adventurer, and all-around hash slinger. She lives in Portland, OR with her husband and an always-on-the-go terrier named Charlie.
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Jenny N Olson 🍁
Raw. Vulnerable. Terrified. Alive. Writing. ❤️Pom-Poet❤️
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Rajesh Vairapandian
Poet, Writer, Traveller, Amazon Best Selling Author(https://www.amazon.in/dp/B0722DY8VL), Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, visit www.loasimplified.com
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Jessica Ball
City mouse in a country house, training the trauma out of the family tree. Sharing 20 years of intentional observation with my kids and the eternally curious.
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Deborah Christensen
Seeker of Understanding, Explorer of Spirit, Writer, Artist, Believer/Doubter, Dreamer, Communicator, Counsellor, Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
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raffaella ferretti
I passed 50, I am Italian, and I survived my coward cancer. Last year, I realized that my baggage is too heavy, in the need of some redimentioning.❤️POM❤️
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Anitha Sankaran
Writer | Poet | Computer Engineer. Writing beyond the words. Am I creative? Let’s figure it out.
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Elaine Hamilton
Indie Author, Photographer, Contributing Fashion & Lifestyle Writer.
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Jonica Bradley💗POM-poet!💗
Writer/Poet/Believes in magic/nature/prays to unicorns/goat expert/bee farmer/Buy me coffee: https://ko-fi.com/jonicabradley Subscribe https://upscri.be/lqkkeg
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Joseph Brown
I am a teacher and a writer. I’ve started a mission of success to find my voice and achieve financial freedom. I’m hoping to inspire others to find success too.
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Leslie Wibberley
Award winning writer of CNF, short stories & novels—horror, magical realism, romance, speculative fiction—adult & YA Repped by Shannon Orso of Victress Literary
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Jessica Archuleta
Gratefully writing about food, culture, relationships, education, poetry +more| Happy wife & mama to 10|Hispanic woman| Deeply spiritual & religious💗POM Poet💗
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Krista Schumacher
Observer, ruminator, writer. Nature, kayaking & classic rock lover. Dog & cat mom. Wife of a fellow life traveler. Ph.D. (ed psych). Gen Xer. Native Okie.
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Greg Prince
Bringing real feelings along with hopeful messages of inspiration and imagination to life.
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Laura Manipura
Honest and vulnerable poems and stories about relationships, life lessons, spirituality, astrology, and nature. creativepriestess@gmail.com💗POM Poet!💗
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Lisa Bolin
Observing, laughing, (crying sometimes), living, and writing about it.
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Tasha Lane
Avid reader & writer. Chronic illness sufferer. Social anxiety & depression. I write stories about my life. tasha.substack.com
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Rachael Woodman
I’m fighting stigma surrounding Mental Illness & Disability by writing honestly about my own experiences. I’m also a cat-mama 😽 bookworm 📚 and I love POM 💖
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Susan Randolph
Dietitian shifting gears. Expanding pathways. Culinary adventurer. Storytelling through food. Making nutrition real. Life lesson apprentice.
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Estacious(Charles White)
I write about a little of everything. I am an award-winning playwright. I teach incarcerated children to fulfill their potential to write a better life.