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Have you been inspired lately?

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It’s hard as a writer to stay inspired. No less hard than you — out there living your life and maybe feeling the ho-hum of it all. No matter what kind of work you do for a living, no matter where you live or what kind of things you do each day — we all try to find some inspiration. Something that makes us curious about what’s around the next corner, what might tickle our fancies or stir up a feeling of excitement deep in our guts.

Because, let’s be honest, life can really get a little — repetitive.

Lately, I’ve not been writing any poetry. It’s the deepest inspiration I get and lately — nada. It’s ok. I know this creative downtime often leads to huge waves of inspiration. So, I wait. I stay curious. I use this time to learn and experience the world around me in new ways.

Don’t you have days when you get up and you just don’t feel all that inspired by your life? Don’t be discouraged, because this wave takes shape and you aren’t always at the top of the wave. In fact, sometimes that wave is large and rolling and plunges you into fun and new experiences…other times it rolls you under and you simply try to catch your breath.

No matter what’s going on in your life at the moment, no matter how you are feeling deep in your belly today — remember, that inspiration comes in waves. If you aren’t feeling inspired by your life right this moment — it’s ok, because that inspiration could be coming soon.

My advice to you today — as someone who writes for a living and must try to be inspired as much as possible! — is to get out of your comfort zone a little.

Do something different. Try a new thing. Talk to someone new and see what interesting things they may have to say. Listen. Observe.

Go for a walk. Try to notice all the little things around you. Just listen, watch, sniff out new smells…observe.

Let me tell you what’s inspiring me today:

  • New fish! My brother and I got a fish tank. We now have 5 new little fishies. I think I could sit and watch them for hours. It’s kind of hard to photograph, but here is the tank set up and one of the black skirt tetras.
New fishies!
  • I wrote this thing about long tail keywords, which is an SEO thing. It may only be of interest to freelance writers — but I hope some people find it useful. I love sharing what I learn as a freelance writer.
  • I also wrote this lovely little fiction piece which — weirdly — Vocal thought was a horror piece? I didn’t mean for it to be a horror piece but a piece about what it feels like to live with anxiety. I drew from personal experiences but overall the piece is fiction. Let me know what you think of it.
  • One of my poems has floated to the surface of my work and I barely remember writing it. But today, it’s inspiring me and filling me with joy that soon the seasons will be changing and I can go and chase some Dragonflies in the Sun.

Thanks for your readership. Let me know what’s inspiring you today!

Until next time,

Christina M. Ward

PS. For those of you who have been asking…my little doggie Josie is FINALLY on the mend after a terrible ordeal these past few weeks! Josie inspires me everyday with her quiet curiosity and her calm, sweet temperament. She loves long walks in the sun and cuddles with her mommy :) (And eating anything that is NOT dog food.)

Josie, feeling better after surgery then a terrible illness



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