On Dappling Pond

Christina Ward 🌼
May 5 · 2 min read

a poem

White, crisp half-moon,
the blue crested melt
to ruddy hind swoop.
Tawny wings tucked under,
belted by royal blue.
Sleek chest, brazen
blue as ocean-deep.
Neck ringed in
maple majesty lace.
Enlightened, resplendent,

All nature’s paintbrushes!
Were they hog hair
or badger?
Were they
rinsed clean in muddy
waters encircled by sawgrass;
sandy-fawn stippled?

The Mandarin navigates,
whisper-smooth and waggle,
the Carolina grasswort; rising
variegated greens
wind-bent and skyward.

Mucsovy regards the
radiant fowl,
disturbed at such
reckless abuse of color…
for one dappling duck?
Pinkish beak dipped under,
up with a snail? A snail!
Vexed, perturbed,
Muscovy waddles, plops
with a splash and a glide,
nature’s sculptor’s pride,
its gnarly head held high.

When I was in college working toward my Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, I was fortunate to be able to take a class in Ornithology. You will often find bird motif in my work, reminiscent of this inspiring time of my education. I hope you have enjoyed On Dappling Pond, a quirky look at the variance of “beauty” among the ducks — apparently some of them quite snarky about it!

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