The Horse and the Sea

a poem

I want to gallop there.

I dig my heels into the muscular flanks
wrap my hands tight into the
wiry mane and lay deep.
My thighs tight, elbows low
we set off, the dune a great
rising castle of sand erupting,
shattering bursts of fury with each
thrust forward, upward
toward the horizon. We race!
Your deep nostrils flaring wide
your eyes wild, your muscles
pulsing forward, lurching forward
in impassioned reckless…



Fiddleheads & Floss Poetry & SEO gets to the heart of writing — how to be inspired by it, how to enjoy it, how to learn and grow from it, and yes — how to earn a living with it. Because we all deserve to make a living doing what we love!

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Christina M. Ward

Christina M. Ward


Writing in health, wellness, cannabis, relationships. Contributor — LA Weekly, OK! mag, Today’s Health Sciences. Content writer — Vegamour, cbdMD, Asé.