The Squirrel and the Tree

a fable

Image by JoeBreuer from Pixabay

The young squirrel wanted to climb the biggest tree.

But her mother told her “Baby girl, you must find 10 beautiful nuts and plant them in the ground, then you may climb the biggest tree.

Excited for the adventure, the young squirrel set out with fervor. She found at once three lovely nuts and went about selecting the perfect spot for planting. Digging was…




Fiddleheads & Floss Poetry & SEO gets to the heart of writing — how to be inspired by it, how to enjoy it, how to learn and grow from it, and yes — how to earn a living with it. Because we all deserve to make a living doing what we love!

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Christina Marie Ward

Christina Marie Ward

SEO content writer in health, wellness living, psychology, relationships, CBD and cannabis. Currently NOT taking new clients or work. Booked till end of July.

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