FidelityHouse monetization

FidelityHouse is the only Social Content Network that give the 50% of convertible currency. FidelityHouse has an higher content monetization, it’s percentage is form 40 to 50% in respect to the topic expertise acquired. But how is possible to have the 50% of monetization? Let’s find out like FidelityHouse works with its authors.

How FidelityHouse Community works

For FidelityHouse the author is the heart of work. FidelityHouse is a Social Content Network based on author’s contents, on their shares and on their endorsements. The author writes an article, about something on his interest and waits for the approval. FidelityHouse Chain plagiarism service verify the authenticity of this article that will be recorded on blockchain. At this moment the author allow the license to FidelityHouse for the revenues. The content is subject to the evaluation of two moderators that decide if it can be published or if it should be revised by the author. Once that the content is published, it can be visible on the website and on the social network and it is monetized through advertisements.

Monetization is divided among author, moderator and platform. The author will receive the FidelityHouse coin on his user’s wallet and he can spent them in service provided by FidelityHouse Chain or he can decide to convert them using Exchange.

The percentage of monetized it depends from the resourcefulness or each author, that can share his content, to create his public. The author can improve his topic expertise specializing on a specific sector and writing higi-quality content about this interest. In this case the author can receive the 50% of monetized. FidelityHouse is a great platform to stake yourself and your knowledge.