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How Fidira Stacks Up Against Leading Industries: A Full Analysis

Ask any crypto trader or NFT collector, and they’ll likely tell you that there’s no better time to enter the market than right now. Both sectors have garnered their fair share of mainstream attention, with cryptocurrencies becoming accepted as forms of payment for several large industry retailers. While NFTs have seen growth that is nothing short of mind-blowing. And yet, even with these optimistic indicators in plain sight, there still remain many barriers that prevent hundreds of millions of people from entering DeFi.

Blockchain, NFTs, cryptocurrency, and decentralized finance are all terms that many individuals in the centralized sector view as having an exclusive, tech-savvy stigma attached to them. But it doesn’t have to be this way, and with Fidira, it won’t be for much longer.

Why the Current Gift Card Market Fails

Crypto gift cards are not a new concept. Several companies have marketed and sold physical cards with some denomination of cryptocurrency programmed to them. But there are several problems with today’s current selections. First, the paltry distribution, marketing, and overall accessibility of these cards makes them virtually invisible to shoppers.

Further, buyers who aren’t familiar with the space or the procedure of opening a DeFi wallet will have a hard enough time knowing what to do when they finally open their account, let alone transfer the balance of a gift card to their wallet. Mistakes can be costly in crypto, and there’s no limit to how much a person can lose if they’re unsure of the proper steps to take.

Fidira: Making Crypto Enjoyable, Not Complicated

The dreaded scenario above is exactly what Fidira sets out to improve upon, with novel crypto gift cards that are not only straightforward to use but also create your very own wallet with a simple QR code scan. That’s right, no more frustrating websites with scattered information, making it impossible for newcomers to fully dive in. Our platform is user-friendly for novices and experts, allowing traders to participate in the crypto and NFT market from the moment their card goes live.

Hands-On Learning with a Free NFT

NFTs are exploding in popularity right now with celebrities, athletes, influencers, and even entire sporting organizations releasing collections that have fetched millions in revenue. This makes it an exciting moment for anyone entering the fray, and to commemorate their initial steps, we’re giving away a free NFT with every Fidira gift card purchased. We believe there’s no better way to take your first steps into the market than with a unique digital asset of your own.

Worldwide Distribution Plan

We partnered with InComm in our quest to convert our vision of mainstream adoption into reality. Apart from being the world leader in gift card marketing and distribution, InComm’s network connections include retail giants such as 7-Eleven, H&M, and Target. Collectively, these corporations pull in over $100bil in revenue yearly with thousands of locations across the world. This level of accessibility will prove to be a major game-changer for Fidira and the crypto market as a whole.

Partnerships with Major NFT Companies

While having access to large retail stores is an obvious catalyst for our success, our growth in the market cannot be linear. That’s why we aim to expand across the crypto and NFT sectors and form dynamic partnerships with some of the industry’s biggest companies. In doing so, our community stands to benefit as we’ll be able to offer users the chance to win more highly valued NFTs with the simple purchase of a gift card.

Welcome to Fidira

With Fidira’s gift cards, the terms State-of-the-art and easy-to-use don’t have to be mutually exclusive, as our automatic wallet setup removes the barriers for those who fear entering the market due to lack of technical knowledge. Additionally, our gift cards go above and beyond current market options by providing more utility through platform governance rights and staking. We’re looking forward to assisting your transition into the world of DeFi and seeing you enjoy all the fun you’ve been missing out on.



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