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The future of Fidira: what is required for global adoption

Introducing Fidira, Crypto Gift Cards that come with a FREE NFT. At Fidira we aim to make crypto safe, trustworthy and easy in our attempt to convert the masses into using NFTs and DeFi. We are beyond excited that our IDO was a massive success, selling out in seconds, and are equally grateful for the smooth launch of the $FID token! This is just the beginning and we are excited to unveil the many things we have in store for our revolutionary platform.

If You Don’t Know, Now You Know

At Fidira we will simplify the entire process and use a traditional approach known to everyone to boost adoption. Fidira is built on the layer 2 Ethereum blockchain- polygon matic. We hope to create a platform where crypto journey can be made easy for everyone, while also laying emphasis on accessibility, simplicity, and security. Being built on the polygon blockchain means Fidira enjoys some of the best Ethereum benefits, like:

  • NFTs
  • Ethereum compatibility
  • Reduced transaction fees
  • High security protocols
  • A fully immutable system
  • Scalability

We also provide an offline scaling which is handled by our partner Incomm, Incomm is a leading global gift card provider, working with brands such as Starbucks, Target, and 7/11/ and having access to over 1000 distribution channels. Incomm provides both physical and digital gift cards, both of which will be available for our use. With all of these in place, we expect Fidira to stay at the top and continually see mass adoption.

Overall vision

With Fidira, we hope to become a significant force in the global movement to bankless systems while leveraging the power of blockchain technology. Globiance, a global crypto exchange, has collaborated with Fidira. This will enable us to start operating with worldwide banking and digital currency licenses. User funds will be firstly stored securely in the Fidira Wallet and Exchange apps, before being innovatively bridged to our non-custodial Defi ecosystem via our NFT generation app.

Future implementations

Below are some major use cases coming to Fidira in the nearest future:

Gift card: Gift cards can be purchased with a predetermined quantity of Fiat or cryptocurrency by cryptocurrency buyers. This will be available through the Fidira website or participating stores. The Fiat deposit can be quickly exchanged into the cryptocurrency of the user’s choice. This will begin as a web-based application, with Android and iOS apps to follow. We have already partnered with some of the biggest grocery chains in Australia and we are excited to share that our gift cards will be available in some of the worlds biggest retail and online stores very soon.

NFTs: Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) offer utility, financial, sentimental, and collectible product properties. Fidira is a distribution portal for NFT projects, and each gift card purchased will come with an accompanying free NFT. These NFTs can be used to obtain discounts and benefits with our retail partners. Gaming partnerships will also unlock special gaming items, levels, and rewards with gaming partners. We expect partners to include gaming communities, NFT artwork and creators, and various other corporate partners. Our NFT partners include Mogul Productions, Chaingardians, Babylons, Unvest, Infinity Skies, Fomo chronicles, The Husl, CryptoMeda and more!

Token staking: Staking at Fidira is already live and can be accessed at Users can stake their assets (Fidira tokens or NFTs) in the Fidira ecosystem to get a percentage of network fees. To learn more about staking please see our latest article here.

Defi farming: Fidira will enable customers to boost their DeFi yields by providing validated cross chain and leveraged returns on their crypto assets. As high yield offerings, trusted and insurable protocols such as Yearn Finance will be included. The farming pool will receive 2.5 percent of the growth fund (750,000 Fidira tokens) at first. The tokens given during each cycle will be designed to compensate for any temporary loss in the liquidity pool.


Cryptocurrency remains a scary experience for some people. We are overjoyed at the opportunity that our secure and cutting-edge gift cards present for users who have always wished to enter the world of crypto and NFTs but have been hesitant to take the initial step. Our users will get free access to the NFT marketplace and will be able to begin their journey with their very own NFT, courtesy of us! We anticipate that Fidira gift cards will be accessible in all of your favorite retail stores very soon, thanks to the crucial partnerships we have formed and will continue to form.



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