“Hey, Got a Light?” How Chemistry, Law, and Climate Justice are Related

What does the film, Youth v. Gov. mean for higher education?

Image: ourchildrenstrust.org

“We demand comprehensive non-Eurocentric and intersectional climate education including literacy on climate justice, environmental racism, ancestral and indigenous wisdom, historical movements, disability justice, green careers, and sustainability living.”

This is how we must (re)invent the University.

author image (Canva). Quote from Ugandan youth activist Vanessa Nakate
Photo by julien Tromeur on Unsplash
Image: Time Magazine, “Is Global Warming Fueling Katrina?” August 29, 2005.
“My cat is five people in Bangladesh in terms of emissions.” Image: Unsplash

“These systems of oppression that are at the root of the climate crisis are embedded in our educational system, particularly science and math.”

Image: Unsplash



interviews and musings from a study about what faculty know, think, feel, and do about the climate crisis

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