Our Next Voyage: Mapping 750 Miles to Power Autonomous Taxis at The Villages, Florida

Voyage and CARMERA Announce Partnership; Kick Off with World’s Largest AV Taxi Service to Date

Seven hundred and fifty linear miles of highway, major arterial and residential roads. Over 125,000 residents. Three fully developed downtowns. Thirty-eight golf courses.

Florida’s The Villages is massive — and today we’re excited to announce we’re mapping it to power autonomous taxi services from our partner, Voyage, a world leader in fully automated driving.

In addition to mapping all 750 miles of road within The Villages, we will provide continuous updates of localization and navigation-critical data that Voyage self-driving cars will consume on the fly. With thousands of projected daily riders, this will be the largest operating autonomous taxi service in the world, covering more road-miles than almost any urban center in the US and encompassing twice the AV coverage you’ll find in San Francisco today.

Voyage has begun testing its fleet at The Villages. Beginning in early 2018, residents will have access to a door-to-door self-driving taxi service.

For The Villages, this is a big step forward. Autonomous mobility services within retiree communities provide immediately noticeable benefits like increased capacity, reduced traffic and improved safety. They also help residents stay active, social and mobile. Villagers, as they endearingly refer to themselves, will simply request a Voyage and get to where they want to go.

While Villagers are riding comfortably in their self-driving Voyage taxis, continually updating CARMERA maps will be guiding the way. Every Voyage trip will produce real-time camera and LIDAR data that will allow us to push navigation-critical changes back to Voyage vehicles within minutes. And over time, the more Villagers ride, the smarter the system gets.

Our partnership with Voyage reflects a shared vision to engage directly and inclusively with communities that measurably benefit from the technology today. In turn, communities like The Villages provide us the opportunity to deploy our maps into the hands (seats?) of real passengers. We thank them for that trust and can’t wait to deliver. We’re eager to help Villagers get to where they need to go — safely, efficiently, comfortably and autonomously.

Long-term we’re immensely excited to be Voyage’s exclusive mapping partner and look forward to upcoming deployments as impactful as our service to The Villages. Watch this space!