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Introducing Reviews on Fieldscope!

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In line with our mission of improving how things get done in the social sector, we believe in accountability for all parties; so now both Providers and Clients can share their experiences on projects. This feedback will help us maintain the quality of our Provider pool, identify unfair practices from the hiring side and inform future product improvements. All in all - ensuring better experiences for the community at large!

Read on to see how to access reviews as a Fieldscope user.

As a Client, you can review the Providers you work with after payments are made. As shown in the image below, you can find the “Leave a Review” button on the Billing tab of your Project.

You can review your Providers using words and numbers with this simple format!

As a Provider, you can now review your Client after receiving your payments on projects. Use the “Leave a Review” button to share your feedback on your experience working on that project.

While the feature is new, we don’t want to miss feedback on “old” projects. So Providers & Clients can still share their feedback on previously completed projects. Simply go to the Billing page and tell us about your past experiences.

All reviews will currently remain confidential and be used by our internal teams for quality control. Future product versions will share aggregated scores to help inform Fieldscope Users’ choices at the right time.

We’re excited that this new feature will continue to help our users do good even better! For any questions, email us at

P.S: A quick shout-out to our early users who shared their reviews through the Google surveys in the past year. Your feedback at that time has been invaluable! We will be plugging that data in on the back-end ensuring that they are accounted for.



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