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2 min readApr 13, 2020


The Future of Words for Impact is here.

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Over the last year, we’ve had quite a ride enabling skilled collaboration for 50+ clients across 1400+ projects in the domains of livelihoods, health, sanitation, education, welfare entitlements and more through our unique remote-work platform. We’re thankful to the support of our early users helping us grow and learn. After translation and transcription, we are excited to launch the Writing and Communications vertical on Fieldscope!

Mapping the Demand for Writing in the Social Sector

From conception to impact, effective writing has a critical role to play: reports, curriculum development, proposals, research and academic writing form the backbone of development organizational activities.

Engaging and learning from our target community of users, we know that finding the right writing-support has been a challenge. This is usually a result of a lack of in-house talent or bandwidth.

When that happens, here are some scenarios when Fieldscope gets a Writing SOS:

  • A dedicated and passionate NGO whose staff is working tirelessly with on-the-ground operations but needs support for donor-reporting and documentation.
  • An early-stage social enterprise with a lean founding team focused around the problem they set out to solve but don’t have the niche expertise for a funding proposal.
  • A researcher burnt-out with deadlines needing an additional resource to proofread or edit their papers before submission to a reputed journal.
  • An impact evaluation firm that has too many concurrent projects and needs to get those impact reports out on time!

These are only some of the endless possibilities for how Fieldscope enables teams to connect to skilled-talent without hiring full-time resources or engaging expensive agencies.

Supporting a curated Supply of Talent

With our early experience enabling skilled and passionate professionals find flexible ways to contribute to social-sector projects, we have evolved a keen sense of what Writers on Fieldscope want:

  • The continued assurance of social-change projects from trusted clients.
  • Flexibility in how one can set their rates: per-word and/or a fixed-rate per assignment.
  • The ease of billing and invoicing which Fieldscope’s customized tools offer so Providers can focus on what they do best.

From mapping the sector’s demands for effective writing to enabling writers’ finding work that values their skills & domain expertise; we hope that elusive “Client-Provider” fit is now a happy reality.

If you require writing for impact or want to write for impact, we’re here to help you Do Good Better. Simply start by telling us what you want to do here.

Write to with your questions, suggestions and potential ideas for collaboration. Thanks!



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