5 ideas a day reasons for the project

As soon as we heard of the 5 ideas a day project, and looked into it further we knew we had to talk to David Delahunty (David Delahunty on Medium) about the intricate details behind it.

We feel his twitter bio says everything you need to know about him:

Award Losing Designer. Growth Hacker (I hack trees). Many Fingers in Many Pies (Currently on a diet). Pied Piper of Social Media.

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For an idea into the style of the 5 ideas that he puts out into the world everyday, we’ll have a collection of these ideas throughout this interview. You can find a link to the project here.

But before we dwell on details for too long, let’s jump straight into some of the questions we asked Dave about 5 ideas.

How did the project start, was this a new years resolution?

The project started after I had read James Altuchers ‘How to reinvent yourself’ a book that I would highly recommend. In the book, James talks about trying to come up with 10 ideas every day. I thought 5 was a happy medium, so I stuck with 5. That was over 130 days ago and counting.

I imagine there’s been times when it’s hard to come up with ideas what have you done to over come these?

Here are some methods that help me generate ideas:

  • Always carry a notebook wherever I go
  • Network and have conversations with people
  • Put your ideas out there and people will give you feedback and also offer ideas
  • Look at forums or social networks for people’s headaches with whatever product that your searching.
  • Get outside and go for a walk… no music, be at one with your surroundings

How long do you plan on continuing with the project?

Well, I said I would come up with 5 ideas every day for a year…so 365 days :)

I guess that makes sense haha. We weren’t around at the start to know you were only going to do a year. Maybe one of them will cause Dave to stop thinking of ideas as it’s so brilliant!

What has been the idea you’re most proud of?

Shazaam for people — where do I know that person from

When you’re not coming up with ideas what is the number one thing you’re doing, tell us about you? Would you say this helps you with the ideas?

It’s a bit of a mixture, I spend a lot of my time working on my side projects. I created a Shopify store aimed at creatives where I sell mugs, tees, pillow cases etc — www.desket.co I also started a popular design jobs board www.workforthem.com. I’ve also got a huge passion for growth hacking and have a network of over 1.5 million followers on Twitter and Instagram in the design niche. You probably follow some of my accounts :) I definitely think my entrepreneurial mindset helps me come up with ideas as I’m always trying to come up with new business ideas.

If you’re in need of daily inspiration that isn’t in the form of blogs or constant news we recommend checking out Dave’s 5 ideas for that little bit of inspiration that will get your day up and running.

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