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Our interview with SliceOfMatt

Here’s Matt looking ultra chill on a fishing boat in SA — photo by Ben Brown

This time round we’re bringing you an interview with SP otherwise known as a SliceOfMatt across a variety of platforms. He was an elusive fish to hook down to talk to as he’s always out adventuring and capturing experiences.

Matt is a photographer and a youtuber. He has worked with a number of creatives and is all about sharing everything that nature has to offer which is perfect for what we want to share here at Fieldwork.

Check his instagram and his twitter.

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We know you’re half polish half south african, currently living in Cape Town. Have you always lived there? or did you live in Poland when you were growing up?

I was born and raised in Cape Town and have only been back to Poland a few times to visit my dad’s family that still lives there.

Our founder studied geography at uni. You yourself did geography, would you say your love for the outdoors drives your passion for photography?

I’ve always been interested in how the earth creates beautiful shapes and patterns (in my vlogs I’m constantly going on about how good the clouds look etc. cause I just love the way clouds form, grow and develop) and being able to capture that in the best way possible to share with my audience is what helps drive my passion for photography.

Ben obviously got you involved with vlogging, do you have any short term goals in improving your vlogging on youtube?

I’m currently on a road trip/Visual Vibes filming mission with Ben in Kenya and as my regular viewers will know I film everything on a Samsung S7 mostly because of the size and ease of use which makes it convenient to vlog instead of it being a chore. However on this trip it has inspired me to film on a better quality camera to help me improve the quality of my vlogs from a video quality aspect but other than that I feel that the format I’m using works for me and I don’t have any intentions to introduce any drastic changes in the near future.

Where’s the food based content from the start of your channel gone? Can we expect any food based cooking videos in the near future? ;)

My channel started with the intention of becoming a cooking channel but I found it difficult to stick to this line of videos as I always needed someone else to do the filming and I just played more of a “host” role, which works for one or two videos but anything after that and you’d need to either have a really nice friend with a lot of free time or you would have to employ someone to shoot your videos for you in order to be sustainable haha. I have done a few more cooking videos in a much more relaxed manner since then and I feel like the more relaxed ones are a lot easier to film and publish without the pressure of trying to make it look like a polished show.

You’ve met a tonne of people through Youtube now, if you could go on a trip with any of them who would it be and why?

It would have to be a combination of Ben Brown, Steve Booker, Tyson Mayr (Tyson Travel), Louis Cole, Raya Encheva, George Benson, Will Darbyshire, Arden Rose and the Vagabro’s (Alex and Marco). We did a whole road trip from L.A. up to Yosemite one year which is what really introduced me to the whole YouTube scene and beside being great mates with all of them, they all also know how to travel and love to shoot film and photos so it makes it easy to get great content!

Where’s next on the travel list for Matt, do you and Ben have anywhere planned for another adventure?

Haha, Kenya! We’re on an adventure here right now! (Vlogs to follow shortly after I get home to my computer and proper internet).

Can you get Ben to do a SP Visual Vibes? Please?

Hahaha. I’ll try my best ;)

We’ve loved chatting to Matt, if you are as excited as us about his Kenya trip go and check out his Youtube and get ready for the videos.

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