Being an artist is hard work and time consuming

Our interview with Brooke Stonehouse

Recently we caught up with designer and illustrator Brooke Stonehouse, who is aspiring to pursue a creative career and has some wonderful pieces to back this up.

This interview covers a range of topics from her own story to delving into how social media has affected design and illustration.

All designs below were created by Brooke, a link to her Instagram is here.

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Have you know you’ve wanted to be an illustrator all your life?

I haven’t known for very long as I didn’t always know where I wanted to take my art or where I could go with it. I started off in college study fine art and went on to specialise in textiles where I learnt a lot about inks, paints, and papers which really help me define and create my own style.

Do you think social media has enhanced the ability for illustrators to get their work recognised?

100%! If it wasn’t for my days obsessing over tumblr and instagram my work would never have been found, unlike the old fashioned artist I had no idea how to get my work out there and advertise or how to get it shown in an exhibition ( yet to do so still ) — social media has been a huge player in my illustration career and while I’m far off from where I’d like to be and what I’d hope to achieve, it’s definitely a tool which can be used.

Sadly, with Instagram, Facebook, and twitters recently advertisement updated, algorithms, and post limits, it’s all become a little harder than what is once was.

What’s the future plan? Anything we can expect to look out for?

I really hope to start up my own online shop selling prints, stationary, nik-naks and my original pieces (ambitious but not impossible) — I’d like to think when the time is right I will start up blogging and YouTube with how to’s and tips for other aspiring illustrators.

How do you think brands and individuals can best work with creatives such as yourself?

All creatives like myself ask for is full recognition for their works worth — being creative alone is a skill in it’s self, being able to train yourself to create something from your mind is something to be praised and I’d like to think, well paid. More than often you seen small business being under cut — In the sense bigger business rip off your work, ask for work for promotions on their Instagram pages, or simply don’t pay up.

Being an artist is hard work, it’s time consuming and I’d love to see this being recognised in the future.

It’s an open community — just reach out, stay professional and we’ll produce something which is really (hopefully) going to help your company’s branding/revenue

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