Currently on tour with Jeremy Loops. Drums and getting into music with Devin Jones.

Creatives are involved in all sorts of areas. We’re talking to Devin Jones this article all about touring and becoming a drummer in a band that’s touring the world.

Jeremy Loop’s Band — Devin is the second from the left

Jeremy Loops Band plays a modern folk and have played festivals all over the world. From Parklife in South Africa, to the Secret Garden Party in the UK.

Higher Stakes — Jeremy Loops

They are strongly inspired by folk music of recent years but have brought a South African spin to their music. We have been big listeners for a while now and were absolutely stoked when Devin took a break from drumming and touring to have a quick chat.

Firstly, what are you working on at the moment, are you planning on touring more with Jeremy Loops

We’re busy in the writing and pre production process with the 2nd album at the moment. We’re also getting ready for some festivals this June in the U.K. and around Europe.

Are there any particular countries you want to travel and play in? (Any festivals in particular)

I would love to get to play some festivals in the US, like Coachella.

We’re playing The Secret Garden Party and Lollapoluza which are bucket list festivals.
photo of Jeremy Loops band at a festival by Adriaan Louw

Was being a musician a calling you always had, did you ever play anything other than drums?

We know we’ve definitely felt the call of music had it not been for the fact that we have no musical talent between us.

I wouldn’t say so, I was going to study engineering but thought why not give it a go and stuck with it through the good and bad. I play piano and at school did some singing but I’m not very good.

What got you personally involved in the first place, were you already friends with Jeremy?

We went to the same school but didn’t really mix in the same circles. What got me involved was good timing, I was on a break from playing drums and he needed a drummer, luckily I have some good references that helped me out.

The band mid tour

Who’s your musical influences, is there anyone we should be looking towards?

I’m listening to a lot of Milky Chance at the moment and also some Kendrick Lamar.

Milky Chance are a great shout definitely a group more people need to listen to.

We’ve been listeners of Jeremy Loops and his band for quite a while now and are stoked to have been able to chat to Devin about some of his musical interests.

You can find all of their work across social media and on your music app of choice.

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