Jordan McGee, Egypt, Film making and Creativity

Searching through social media can uncover some gems.

One such gem that we have recently stumbled upon is this incredible Egypt trip edit by Jordan McGee. He is a photographer and videographer from America, currently travelling around and capturing beautiful clips such as Endless Egypt shown below. All photos shown taken by Jordan.

You can find him on Twitter @JordanMcGee and Instagram @Jormcgee

Below is our chat with Jordan about this particular edit.

Firstly, what was the edit shot on? We know people love gear.

The entire video was shot on the Red Epic in 5k and down scaled to 1080p. I used a glidecam as a run and gun set up to be able to film most of the shots. Many were also just hand held.

Where was your favourite place you visited in Egypt?

My favorite place in Egypt and also now one of my favorite places in the world is Aswan. It’s an amazing city built around the Nile river. Everyone was so friendly. If you smiled at 100 people, 100 people would smile back. I loved it. We stayed in a dope hotel/hostel similar to what the buildings look like in Santorini. Of course I also loved the Giza pyramids in Cairo.

What would you recommend for people thinking of visiting Egypt, any tips or advice?

I would definitely recommend the travel agency, Gazef, who helped us out with everything. They arranged our trip based on capturing the locations we were at. For example, if we were in a land cruiser in the desert, they would let us stop the vehicle to get the shots we wanted. Amazing tour guides. Plus they helped with the translation. I think a lot of people might be scared to travel to Egypt because of the revolution that occurred in 2011 but we didn’t have a single problem.

We loved the edit, is video where your focus is at the moment? Tell us a bit more about what you do.

Jordan in his more natural habitat of the US, photo by Samuel Elkins

Thank you. It was what I think to be one of my best works. Video is definitely my focus. I recently am starting a new thing on Instagram where every thing post will be a video so that there will be a constant organized flow of videos on my feed. My profesional services can be found under Snap Back Media House, which is my production company. We do a lot of work for resorts and travel agencies. Everything is shot in extremely high quality. Prouducing inspiring content is what I constantly aim for. Something that pushes people to buy that plane ticket and get out of their comfort zone.

We hope you have enjoyed stepping into Jordan’s world as we have, having watched such an amazing edit like that we knew we had to get in touch with him and find out more.

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