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Fiews is adding support for Avalanche C-Chain

Any user of the Avalanche C-Chain can now use Fiews to get RPC access to the network. Fiews is now offering connectivity to Avalanche C-Chain over HTTP(s) RPC and WebSockets, allowing both Chainlink nodes and general dApps and services to use Fiews’ connectivity to access Avalanche C-Chain.

Fiews’ service allows applications like Metamask, Chainlink nodes, and other tools & applications to connect to the blockchain.

Users can get started here today:

Access to the network is granted by adding the “Avalanche C-Chain” addon to subscriptions in the Fiews Dashboard. The addon is currently $100/mo, and adding it now will lock in the price to the minimum of the current and future price. This means that if the price was to increase to $150/mo in the future, any users that added it before the change will keep paying $100/mo. If the price was to decrease to $50/mo, all users would get access at $50/mo — regardless if they added it before or after the change.




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