Fifa 17 Update 1.03 — Check this out!

Today EA Sports release a new update to Fifa 17. Lets check the main changes:

Changes in Visual and Presentation:

  • Player faces updated: some players now look even more accurate than previously.
  • Solved an issue with selected kits that were not in-game.
  • Improved spanish crowds audio reaction to a gol.
  • Frame-rate improved in skill games.
  • Black custom kits no longer confused with referee kits.
  • Some overlay adjustments.

Pro Clubs Improvements

  • Solved problem with players receiving excessive skill points
  • Virtual Pro from Fifa 16 correctly unlocks all passive traits.
  • All pros now can have flair trait.

Journey Improvements

  • Presentation improvements.
  • Amazing! Localizated audio and character speech for the following: German, French, Italian, Spanish and Mexican Spanish (sorry about it Portuguese fellows).

FIFA Ultimate Team and Online Games

  • Stability fixes in FIFA Ultimate Team and other online game modes.

Tha patch is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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