Review: Don’t Look Up

Maybe not the Strangelove de nos jours, but still …

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So, What Happens?

Kate Dibiasky is a doctoral student working in an observatory in Michigan when she spots a new and distant object. So she, her fellow students, and her supervisor, Dr Randall Mindy, examine it, then look at checking its path through the solar system. It’s between five and ten kilometres wide¹, and in just over six months it’s going to smash into the Pacific Ocean: an Extinction Level Event. On the whole, not ideal. They do what any repsonsible scientific team would do, and contact the authorities. Their contact at NASA is Dr Oglethorpe, and he brings them through to the White House to brief the President, Janie Orlean, on the momentous (and terrifying) news. There’s only one problem: the President is embroiled in a political scandal, has mid-terms coming up, and she and her staff (in particular, her Chief of Staff) aren’t really paying attention. The scientists are effectively ignored and told to sit on their findings and maintain a watching brief.

So What?

Some of the takes have been sniffy, to say the least, but usually that kind of thing says more about the writer’s own attitudes than the film itself, so I’ll leave running down that particular rabbithole as an (optional) exercise to the reader.

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