The Pig Iron Lady

When you make iron and steel (and up on Teesside, we were quite good at that until recently), there’s a stage where you produce iron that’s not fit for final use because it’s way too impure. That’s pig iron, designed to be remelted and forged into much better grades of steel.

Pig iron is brittle. When put under any significant stress, it shatters. It may look superficially strong, but it isn’t.

Maybe that reminds you of someone.

Someone who doesn’t seem to like being questioned in any great depth, so much so in fact, that they are avoiding most chances to debate their opponents.

Someone whose approach to negotiation (specifically EU negotiation) seems to be an immediate escalation to Defcon 1, even though those who are skilled and experienced in such processes are saying that tactic is misguided at very best, and is likely to prove disastrous to our national interest.

Someone who believes that parrotting inane soundbites, rather than engaging with the issues, is the way to win over a cynical, weary and angry electorate.

Someone who calls in the troops because there aren’t enough police on the front-line as a result of them cutting 19000 of them over the last seven years.

Someone who rails against immigration despite being the Home Secretary who presided over the damage wrought on the UK Border Agency, making it less able to police the nation’s borders.

Someone who talks about equality and equity in education, while planning to cut funding for over 90% of schools.

Someone who talks about looking after the old and the vulnerable, while slashing the resources available to do it.

Someone who promises to protect the rights of working people but has consistently voted against them.

Someone who kissed up to the new US administration with such alacrity that most of our allies are shocked and alarmed and no longer see us as reliable.

Someone who has steadfastly stuck to the lie of austerity, even though they know that pursuing it is not an economic necessity, but a political desire, and that by doing so it is causing damage and hardship to literally millions of this country’s people. But then, no one is really poor now. No one important, anyway.

Someone who trumpets the mantra, “Strong and Stable”, even though they have the look of a pinched primary school deputy, pushed up to act as head, and who is now floundering hoplessly out of their depth.

Someone who would like to be thought of as the inheritor of the Thatcher mantle of Iron Lady, but who is, in reality, barely even a pound shop Edwina.

I give you Theresa May, The Pig Iron Lady.