I saw this on twitter this morning

I wonder if,
as they wheeled their trollies around the shop, mask-free and chuckling,
did they think about the little casters, wanting to go their own way,
but yanked back in a direction they didn’t wish to go by an angry tug,
forcing some poor skittering wheel to go the way they chose.
But not its own.

Did they wonder what the staff,
mutely stacking the shelves as they passed,
thought of this glorious charge for freedom?
Seeing them fight valiantly for the right to buy that crate of Stella,
free of the tyranny of a piece of cloth to stop them?

Did their chests swell?
Did their hearts beat with patriotic pride,
as they blocked the aisles, and made others move aside
for the sake of a basket, where desultory lemons skulk in a corner?
Like the person holding it, only there to prove a point.

Sometimes it really doesn’t matter whether you wear a mask or not.
Either way, the world can see you for what you are.

ds 2021–03–29


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