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Jan 17, 2017 · 7 min read

10. We Mentored Entrepreneurs From All Over the World

In August, Fifth Tribe was proud to participate in a special partnership between 1776 and MyeDream wherein American entrepreneurs provided mentorship to Kurdish entrepreneurs from the city of Irbil in Iraq. Topics ranged from product development, marketing/sales, funding, and even talent management. Fifth Tribe spoke about the importance of lean startup principles, agile development, and marketing analytics.

In November, we had a special visit of civic leaders, journalists, and entrepreneurs from the Emerging Leaders of Pakistan as part of a national tour organized by the Atlantic Council. We spoke about data science, social media, and digital marketing.

9. We Dived into Virtual Reality

In August, over 75 people joined Fifth Tribe for our first ever “Virtual Reality Night” at 1776 Crystal City. High level summary: it was awesome. We had food, drinks, and several VR platforms for people to test out including the HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, and the Oculus Rift.

8. We Helped Religious Leaders Go Digital

In September, Fifth Tribe hosted a special session with religious leaders from the prestigious al-Azhar University in Egypt to help them develop a digital strategy to counter violent extremists at home and abroad.

7. We Hung Out with Superbowl Champs

Fifth Tribe invited it’s clients and supporters to a special appreciation event in October at Fedex Field. We got to meet 2-time Super Bowl Champion and 4 time Pro-Bowler Redskins #84 Gary Clark, had a tour of the Player’s Locker Room, networked with fellow DC Business Leaders, enjoyed delicious Gyro Platters courtesy of The Halal Guys, and played Virtual Reality Games on the HTC Vive. It was a fantastic event and we thank everyone who came out!

6. We Sponsored and Spoke at Jam-Packed Meetups

Amir Sahib, CTO of Fifth Tribe, spoke at the NOVA.js September meetup on “JavaScript 101” where he talked about how JavaScript is the number one language on github and stack overflow and has applications in mobile, desktop, drones, virtual reality, gaming, and IoT.

Fifth Tribe was a proud sponsor of the first ever Hack and Tell / Natural Language Processing meetup in Washington DC. We opened the event by talking about why we supported the local meetup scene in the greater DC Metropolitan Area and how we can work together to bring innovation here at home.

In September, Adam Motiwala gave a talk at the “Mojito Marketing” event at 1776 where he gave a quick overview of digital marketing for startups.

5. We Held Hackathons to Help Refugees

In October, Fifth Tribe held it’s annual company hackathon. This year was a little different. Instead of everyone on the team building their own apps, we partnered with Najla Drooby who works with Syrian refugees in Maryland. We fleshed out an minimum viable product (MVP) to help match resources, volunteers, and refugees with one another. The app is in beta mode and if you are interested in testing it out, feel free to shoot us an email.

(Anh, Joanna, and Najla Conducting User Journey Mapping)

4. We Gave a Keynote Address at the U of Tennessee

Khuram Zaman, Fifth Tribe CEO, was invited by the University of Tennessee Knoxville Haslam College of Business to be a keynote speaker at their annual Business Analytics Forum. He spoke about the importance of innovation across sectors, how to keep up as software eats the world, and using data science to track violent extremism. Fifth Tribe hosted a competition inviting the audience to participate in the session by giving a $500 to the best idea to counter groups like ISIS on twitter. Khuram is pictured above with the participants in the case challenge.

3. Our Kaggle Dataset Went Viral

When Kaggle, the largest data scientist community in the world, opened up their platform for datasets, we sent them a project we were working on in the Fifth Tribe Labs. The project, which we’ve coined “The Daesh Dashboard”, tracks pro- and anti-ISIS followers on twitter. We scraped over 17,000 tweets in 6 different languages from 100+ pro-ISIS fanboys from all over the world since the November 2015 Paris Attacks. We uploaded the dataset (See the Kaggle Dataset “How Isis Uses Twitter”) and within 48 hours, it became the #1 hottest dataset on the site — surpassing uploads by Reddit, the U.S. Census, the Center for Disease Control, and even the World Bank. However, it didn’t stop there. In fact, our Kaggle Dataset ended up becoming the top 10 chart-topper for an impressive 31 weeks — the best dataset for all of 2016!

As a result of the dataset, we got invited to speak on a panel at American University along with Ambassador Alberto Fernandez (MEMRI), Dr. Tricia Bacon (American University), and Seamus Hughes (George Washington University). The panel, entitled, “Extremist Marketing: How ISIS Recruits with Killer Messaging”, provided an overview of how ISIS uses digital marketing, trends relating to extremists groups, and recommendations on how to counter their efforts.

We also got invited to speak at the Data Science DC meetup at George Washington University where Fifth Tribe CEO Khuram Zaman spoke on “Data Mining 101: How to Use Twitter to Find Terrorists.” The meetup had 600 people registered — the largest turnout ever! Attendees learned about open source packages on Python to scrape twitter, storing data, and cleaning it up to make it easier to analyze by data scientists.

2. We Got Invited to the White House 3x — Thanks Obama!

In July, we joined 300 other attendees including Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, former Minnesota Viking’s Safety Hussain Abdullah, Muhammad Ali’s wife Lonnie Ali, and others at a special Eid celebration at the White House. Khuram shook the President’s hand and thanked him for a wonderful 8 years.

In November, Fifth Tribe was invited back to the White House, this time for the Partnership for Refugee Resettlement which is comprised of over 70 American companies working to help alleviate the plight of refugees worldwide. Adam Motiwala attended on behalf of the team to discuss our mobile app to help refugees.

Fifth Tribe was also invited to the White House a third time for a special closed door session on faith-based narratives.

And the #1 Why 2016 Was Awesome:
We Have Awesome Clients!

The best part of 2016 was working with each of our clients. Ranging from government agencies trying to drive small business innovation to NGO’s leading the world’s largest student movement for social impact to retail companies launching their first ever ecommerce platform, Fifth Tribe is proud to have worked with each and every incredible organizations and their respective teams this year.

We’d like to give a special thanks to our clients and supporters:

Charity Impact
Department of Defense — SBIR Program
Department of Homeland Security — Office of Community Partnerships

Guidance Residential
The Hult Prize
Monica Boyd
Policy Design Labs
Regency Furniture
Smart Tech
Tiger Lily Foundation
UMMA Clinic
Washington Vascular Specialists

Thank you all so much for working with us and we wish you the best for 2017!

Happy 2017 from Fifth Tribe!

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Based out of the Washington DC Metropolitan area, Fifth Tribe is a digital agency that empowers visionaries to launch bold ideas through our ground-breaking solutions. We specialize in providing product development, branding, web/mobile development, and digital marketing consultations to top industry leaders in the Government, Healthcare, Finance, and Social Impact sectors. Our client list includes Oxfam, Kaiser Permanente, Ernst and Young, the U.S. Air Force, INOVA, the Hult Prize, the Department of Defense, and more. To learn more, visit

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Fifth Tribe is a digital agency that serves businesses, government agencies, and social impact organizations. Learn more about us by visiting

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Fifth Tribe Stories

Fifth Tribe is a digital agency that serves businesses, government agencies, and social impact organizations. Learn more about us by visiting

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