Fifth Wall Invests In Industrious to Bring Best in Class Workplace-as-a-Service Platform to Strategic Landlords

The Largest Commercial Real Estate Landlords are Partnering with Industrious to Meet Current and Future Needs of Their Fortune 500 Tenants

Industrious’ Workplace-as-a-Service Platform

Quality is a cornerstone of every Industrious workspace. Elegant design, high-end furnishings, and attention to detail sets Industrious spaces apart from the competition while giving tenants an advantage in recruiting and retaining top human capital. Industrious has succeeded in creating workspaces where established professionals are as comfortable as Millennials. Members at most coworking providers are embarrassed to host meetings with clients and partners, while Industrious members are ecstatic to show off their workplace.

The Fortune 500 and Commercial Real Estate Landlords

With a strategic network of the nation’s largest landlords including Hines and CBRE as LPs, Fifth Wall constantly seeks partner solutions to increase property owners ability to serve tenants. While it is clear Industrious’ WaaS platform is a win for Fortune 500 tenants, it also benefits commercial landlords in numerous ways. First, Industrious is the ultimate amenity, allowing tenants to scale their real estate needs up or down on demand. Gone are the days of an important customer leaving your building due to a lack of short term real estate expansion capability. Second, WaaS space is the best place to test any new technology, amenities, or furnishings, prior to a building wide deployment. Third, with the significant short term rates spread, Industrious’ unique experience in and use of management agreements allow landlords to share in the upside of the business. Fourth, white label options provide landlords the opportunity to come out of the shadows and custom build high end branded workspace deployments for enterprise customers. Fifth, Industrious’ enables landlords to tap a myriad of revenue opportunities through tenant services currently being lost to other parties.



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Roelof Opperman

Roelof Opperman is a Principal at Fifth Wall, a Los Angeles-based venture capital fund.