Friday fic — fifty word stories

Here are three new fifty-worders — tiny microfiction stories of just 50 words each.

fifty word story
fifty word story

Photos by fotshot on Pixabay and by Nuno Silva and on Unsplash

In other news, I’m on the second part of the Split Worlds fantasy, plus the fourth part of Django Wexler’s Shadow Campaigns. I’ve also just started reading Pixel Juice by Jeff Noon. And I realised there several X-men movies I’ve never seen, so I’m setting that right too. I am greatly aided in this by tvtropes. If only English teachers explained literature in terms of the Oh God What Have I Done moment or the Shapeshifter Swan Song. I cannot read tvtropes without a continuous outbreak of Aha! moments. (which in itself is a trope…) My favourite website of all time, probably.

I hope you like the fifty-worders! What’s the best length for a short story?

Originally published at Sef Churchill.