Friday Fic — fights and flights

Friday fic fifty word stories

Bourscheid, Luxembourg. Picture by Marc Marchal on Unsplash.

It’s been another tough week on various fronts, so these three stories have a rather embattled theme. This morning I thought I would have no fifty-word stories to share. I felt too burned out by Real Life to contemplate microfiction. But then I sat and wrote randomly for a while in my office, that is, McDonalds, and drank two coffees, and then drove around for a bit and then I wrote these. As usual, they’re not my usual. I don’t think I even have a usual.

fifty word stories microfiction
fifty word stories microfiction
fifty word stories microfiction

I’ve been joining in with the 7 Day Creative Writing Challenge and posting about ways to approach that.

I’ve also been at work and done a load of driving and been reading, at last, some Steven Pressfield (it’s good!) and continuing with my poem a day habit (reading a poem, not writing one) that I started last year. So I have not been idle, despite Real Life. In fact, I found I quite enjoy posting daily. Maybe that will become a thing. Maybe not. Ask me again when I’m fully rested.

That’s it for now. More Friday fics next week!

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