5 Easy Ways to Unplug Today

Made with Paper by Jane Pernille
Made with Paper by Jane Pernille

Countless studies show that taking breaks, changing up your routine, and giving yourself permission to get away from your To Do list has positive, long-term benefits. This week, we asked our community members to share their favorite ways to unwind. Check out these tips on how to jumpstart your well-deserved relaxation, and get your natural creativity flowing.

1. Spend time with friends whether they’re real, imaginary, or four-legged.

Relaxing with Adventure Time by Iris C
Relaxing with Adventure Time by Iris C

2. Pick up a new book or reread an old favorite.

Remixes by Aubrey L., Florance, GirOnFire, Justine C. and Lucca B.
Remixes by Aubrey L., Florance, GirOnFire, Justine C. and Lucca B.

3. Untether yourself from tech (unless it’s to use Paper, of course).

Tech-tacles by Manoj A.
Tech-tacles by Manoj A.

4. Sweat (or stretch) it out.

Urdhva Mukha Savasana by Iyengar Yoga Notes
Urdhva Mukha Savasana by Iyengar Yoga Notes

5. Appreciate the small things!

Remixes by Alex, Eva L, Jennifer C., Mamta M., Natalia M. and Nicole C.
Remixes by Alex, Eva L, Jennifer C., Mamta M., Natalia M. and Nicole C.