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Join the 2016 dance train!
Join the 2016 dance train!

Happy 2016! To start the year off right, we put together these fun and beautiful sketches by the Paper community for your viewing pleasure. From colorful patterns to a joyful dance train led by graphic designer Joey Gao, you make Paper merry and bright all year round.

Patterns That Pop

Switch your wallpaper to one of these eye-catching patterns. Click here to see more community-designed iPad wallpapers.

Staff Recommendations

These Paper users create stunning digital art with color. Hint: follow them!

Bold Ideas by CupOfJoe2472 (South Carolina, USA)

We are longtime fans of Josiah Albright, a College of Charleston student whose boldly colored, geometric artwork you’d recognize anywhere. While his primary focus is performance theater and Jewish studies, Josiah experiments with digital art on his own, naming the Bauhaus movement and suprematism as inspirations.

“Color manipulates us. It will play with you, hide from you, lead you, deter you… As artists, we need to understand how color affects us.”

— Josiah Albright

Bright Stripes, Big Cities by Cristina Gore (Dorset, England)

Fashion Forward by Tara Memarian (Ontario / Iran)

Freedom Fighters by Emmanuel Signorino (Cannes, France)

Flower Power by Malu Angel (Massachusetts, USA) & Alejandro Barbosa (Mexico)

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