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Andrew S Allen
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3 min readJun 5, 2018


This is 2018. And yet, the most common way we create and share presentation decks is as follows: We make our presentations in software that was written 30 years ago. We then export it to a 25-year old format. And then we upload it to a service that hasn’t changed since it launched 12 years ago. What we end up with is a set of low-resolution images in a tiny letterboxed window that we have to squint to read surrounded by unnecessary borders and button bars we wish weren’t there for 294 individual pages.

Yet this is exactly how our most innovative thinkers must share their big ideas with the world. Let me remind you again that this is 2018.

The Paste Embed Player.

Paste, the ultimate web-based presentation tool, can finally put an end to this madness with our new embed player. Simple to use and a seamless design allow you to embed full-resolution, interactive Paste presentation decks into blog posts, your company website, your portfolio site, any webpage really. Build and publish beautiful presentations from the same, simple tool.

A live Paste deck embedded on a webpage!

Beautiful, Seamless Player

The Paste embed player has no borders, no chrome, and no distracting cruft that other presentation tools add. Just your beautiful content at full-resolution with simple navigation controls. Embed presentation decks at any dimension you want — why not fill the page! Or set your slide backgrounds to match your webpage to make decks that blend seamlessly with your content.

All the Magic of Paste

Our embed player isn’t a scaled down, hobbled version of your content. This is your native Paste deck with all of the powerful features we offer—responsive layouts, embedded links, tweets, animated GIFs, automatic device frames, hosted videos, and interactive prototypes. Try interacting with a few of the slides below…

Paste embeds include your interactive prototypes, frames, links, videos, and more

You can embed Paste on your website like…

Build Your Deck, Share it with the World

Stop jumping between tools — export, import, repeat. Make it once in Paste and send it to your teammates or share it with the entire world.

  • Add Paste decks to a Medium blog post (like this one)
  • Share your conference talk on your personal website
  • Add a story deck to a case study
  • Make a slideshow for your website
  • Import your PDF or PPT files and turn them into embeddable presentations (Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report 2018)

How to embed Paste Decks

For Medium posts (and other tools that support Embedly): All you need to do is paste a link to a Paste deck into your blog post and hit Enter. Done!

For websites: You can grab the <iframe> embed code from the Deck Menu for embedding in common website builders like Squarespace, Wix, and Wordpress.

Pro Tips

  • Customize your player ‘width’ and ‘height’ dimensions to suit your layout needs
  • Paste subscribers can remove the “Made with Paste” badge for a clean, brand-free look
  • More on embedding Paste Decks

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