Marvel & Paste

The fastest path from idea → prototype → strategy deck.

The Rise of Rapid Prototyping

Marvel has been the simplest tool for anyone needing rapid design and prototyping for the last 5 years. They’ve proven that you don’t need professional design software to jump in and create an interactive app in just minutes that you can share and test with real people. You can even take photos of your hand-sketched ideas using their mobile app and transform them into interactive paper prototypes.

From Prototype to Strategy

Paste instantly turns your rapid prototypes into beautiful, presentable mockups and provides the space to tell your story be it your team strategy, feature proposal, product roadmap, or pitch deck.

Paste takes advantage of Marvel’s customizable embed player so adding a prototype is as simple as pasting a Marvel link directly into a slide. Add words for context and wrap it in Paste’s new frames—beautiful 3D mockups of your app or website in a phone, tablet, or window. When all is ready, it’s easy to share a link with your team or client to try the prototype and offer fast feedback.

How to Add a Marvel Prototype to Paste

  1. Paste the link to your Marvel prototype into a slide. You can try this one:

2. Add a Frame. Select the magic wand and try the Phone

3. Done! You have an interactive prototype ready to share!

Push ideas further

What used to take days, now takes minutes. Such is the power of web-connected creativity tools that work together to keep you focused on what matters most—your ideas!

Give Marvel & Paste a try.

Try out some examples:



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