Paper 3.4: Introducing Templates & Faster Navigation

Starting new projects just became a breeze with the latest Paper update! Now, in Paper 3.4, simply tap on “Start a Project” to jump into anything from creating presentations, to designing an interface, to managing a calendar.

Our new built-in templates include grid paper, storyboards, basic diagrams, sample To Do lists, and much more. Just select the templates you want and tap “Add to Space” to begin.

How to create a new Space in Paper

Cleaner Spaces

Streamlined interface in Paper 3.4
Streamlined interface in Paper 3.4

In Paper 3.4, we also refined the look and feel of navigating Paper. You’ll notice that the first page of each Space is now front and center. (Spend less time creating new covers!)

Want to use one of our designed covers? Tap on the “Public Stream” in Paper and search for Space Covers, or follow Space Covers on the web.

Read overflowing text with ease

Open any note and scroll up and down to view the text.
Open any note and scroll up and down to view the text.

It’s now easier than ever to view content within a Space. Read overflowing text by tapping on the Idea once, and scroll up or down to see your notes.

Easier page-to-page navigation

Within a Space, navigate from one canvas to the next by swiping left or right with two fingers. New pages will be automatically created if you swipe beyond the first or last page.

Version 3.4 is now in the App Store. If you’re enjoying Paper on iPad and iPhone, please leave a review! It means a lot to our team. We’re continuing to work on improvements, and we always welcome your ideas here.

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