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Paste™ with Frames

Andrew S Allen
Mar 22, 2018 · 3 min read

Device mockups are necessary but painful to work with.

Like many designers, we’ve long used high-fidelity device mockups in an effort to bring early ideas and designs to life. We’ve tried all the best ones. But they all fall short for similar reasons — they’re too much effort, painful to use for videos or animated gifs, often too detailed and distract from the design, and we’ve spent more money than I care to admit on them.

That’s why we’re excited to announce a new feature for Paste called Frames…

Frames are smart filters that wrap any media inside beautiful, interactive mockups of a phone, tablet, laptop, or window.

Yet they do more than just make your work look good — they offer context. Frames transform your plain screenshots or mockups into something real as if holding an idea in your hand.

Time-saving. Copy & paste from Figma. Drag & drop an artboard from Sketch. Spend more time on design thinking and less on your workflow.

Get Frames in one step. Simply paste or drop in your artboard.

Intelligent. Paste detects the attributes of your media to automatically apply the right frame at the right time — phone, tablet, laptop, portrait or landscape. Drag in a phone mockup and get a phone frame. It feels like magic.

Different Frames to choose from.

Interactive. Everything is fully interactive. You can scroll mockups, play videos, show gifs, run interactive prototypes, and embed files all inside frames. Hovering over a frame flattens it out so that you can present it cleanly. Our frames are built using CSS and web-native transformations, so they perform well and run everywhere.

Simply beautiful. This is beauty that doesn’t get in the way. Clean, simple, tone-on-tone aesthetic that you can change with one click. Plus, you can get instant on-brand mockups by setting up your team colors.

Color fast. Frame, background and text all coordinate automatically.

Try Paste — it’s free to get started. If you happen to find it as useful as we do and want to save time and elevate the design discourse on your team, it’s just $8/mo per member.

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