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Andrew S Allen
Jan 24, 2018 · 2 min read

In the weeks since we launched Paste, we’ve been blown away at all of the creative teams picking it up for everything from design handoffs to research gathering. One of those teams is one we’ve long admired… Unsplash.

Unsplash has become the world’s best photography resource for creators with a collection of 400,000+ free, high-quality photos. We’ve long been fans and regular users of their growing collection and their shared love of things simple & beautiful.

Now whenever you pull together a Paste deck and don’t have the right photo on hand, we’ve got you covered! It’s important to point out that this is not boring stock photography. These are real photos of real people, real places, beautiful backgrounds, abstract photos, minimal, white, blue, you name it, we’ve got it.

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Auto-suggested Unsplash images in action on Paste Desktop

What’s more, Paste makes it even easier to find the right photo by automatically analyzing the words in your deck and suggesting Unsplash photos that match your topic using our natural language processing. It’s now incredibly easy to flush out beautiful ideas at the pace that you can think (and type). This is how we believe we’re meant to create—with suggestions and ideas that come to us. Give it a try—there’s nothing else quite like it.

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Unsplash on Paste Mobile app

Once in Paste, your photo can become a seamless background for a title or quote, a beautiful moodboard of photos, a real portrait of your users when defining a customer or use case, real workspaces and locations for storyboarding. Great photos bring our ideas and words to life.

PS — We love to hear about how you’re using Paste and what you’d like to see us focus on to make it better for you. Leave a comment below or reach out at

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