We all need space to create

Nov 30, 2017 · 3 min read

We founded FiftyThree with the belief that people are their best when they create and that great technology should amplify our creativity rather than squander it. Among all of the noise and cynicism that sap our attention today, lies a space to create: the 53 cm that link head, heart, and hand.

Paper® and Paste™, focus on what’s essential — creating environments for individuals and teams that allow great ideas to flow.

For us, this started with Paper our immersive sketching app for capturing ideas anywhere. Over 25 million people have found their personal creative space in Paper sketching wireframes, diagramming solutions, drafting buildings, handwriting notes, and giving form to their vision.

Paper 4.0

Today we are launching an all new Paper. It’s rewritten from the ground up with the best technologies iOS has to offer. It takes what made Paper great and shapes it into a quiet, beautiful world for your ideas. No matter what the inspiration, you can get it down on Paper.

  • Journal view is back to keep you in the flow
  • Grid view to see everything at once
  • Built on the latest 3D game technology, Apple’s SceneKit
  • Integrates easily with Paste
  • iCloud sync (Coming Soon)

Everyone is creative and can sketch with confidence. We’ve tuned every tool — draw, sketch, outline, write, color, diagram, cut, fill, and mix.

  • Works with Apple Pencil
  • Diagram tool’s auto-correction snaps rough drawings to straight lines and shapes
  • Templates like grid, lines, storyboard help structure your ideation

Paper is your world, for your ideas

  • Arrange ideas into your personal set of notebooks.
  • Group notes with sketches and annotate your photos
  • Beautiful covers to customize your creative space
  • Your notebooks transform into grids for easy organization

Get the latest version of Paper for iPhone and iPad from the App Store.

Introducing Paste

Having ideas is just the beginning. Ideas want to be heard, improved, and realized. For this, we built Paste: the collaborative presentation tool for you and your team to build ideas into compelling stories. It’s for modern teams who collaborate across mobile, messaging, and a range of new web-based tools. We need tools that work as fluidly as they do — valuing speed, impact, flexibility, and beauty.

Drag and drop images, videos, links, docs, PDFs — even embed the new generation of connected tools like Google Docs, Figma. Paste formats everything beautifully for you.

  • Drag and drop to quickly create slides
  • Import from popular sources like Paper, Files, Giphy, Figma, and more
  • Auto-layout with color detection
  • Split screen and iOS Drag and Drop

Paste lets you view a deck as a storyboard, rearrange slides, and find the flow that brings your team’s story to life.

  • Storyboard view to see everything at once
  • Create titles and sections
  • Reorder Slides

Get your team’s input on your latest direction.

  • Slack integration for notifications, comments, and group permissions
  • Reactions to vote, flag, or mark it done
  • Comments to gather feedback and discuss options
  • Viewed status shows you who has seen the latest thinking

Never get lost in old versions. Always have your team’s latest thinking at your fingertips.

  • Synced to the cloud
  • Zoom into and download full resolution assets
  • Share a public view-only link
  • Export as PDF
  • Capture your rough ideas and shape them into stories with your team.
  • Drag and drop sketches directly from Paper into Paste
  • Quickly launch Paper from Paste

Over 1,000 companies like Artsy, Peloton, Circle with Disney, WeightWatchers, and Tendril are already using Paste and it stands to transform how ideas are shared, meetings are run, the rate at which we innovate.

Paste is available now. Sign up at fiftythree.com/paste or download from the App Store for iPad and iPhone.

The launch of Paper and Paste mark the realization of a long dream of building a suite for creativity. It makes the process of developing ideas visual, visible, and accessible. It weaves our individual ideas into a shared story that advances our thinking and understanding. So make your story with Paper and Paste today.

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