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Rat Race

But where are we all going?

Fuel prices. Story of the year. Obviously there are a lot of reasons for high gas prices: war in Ukraine, inflation, the post-pandemic uptick in demand for fuel… it’s a multivariate problem.

I think we’re all cutting back in some form or another. Paying more than double for gas has put a damper on things. Honestly, I think it’s for the best. It’s another state of “pandemic affairs”, people are “locking down” by reducing expenses.

I myself have turned into an eco-driver. Making sure the tire pressure is okay, stacking up my errands to reduce driving, inspecting my brakes and not using the AC. The most important change was reducing my speed on the highways to a peasantry 105 kmph (down from 125).

Consequently, my fuel efficiency increased by up to 20% and I arrived on average 10–20 minutes later than I normally would. Pretty dope trade off.

That’s right, I’m now the luddite that you gaze at with puzzled contempt as you overtake me. It’s weird seeing so many cars drive past me, I used to be them.

A metaphor for life perhaps. Not drive so fast and enjoy the “journey” for what it is. Maybe I don’t need to use so much more extra fuel to get to the same destination as everyone else.

But where are we all going?

Just the moment you asked the universe for where you look back and realize… it was all worth it.




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