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The Buddhist Hindu

So, it appears I’m a Hindu cultural materialist but want the simplicity of Buddhism.

One of my new found hobbies is rediscovering Hinduism. There is a sense of fulfilment that I haven’t experienced in a long time, but I’ll be honest, I struggle.

It’s a paradoxical maze to navigate Hinduism. I enjoy the complexity, reading about crossovers, and interconnections, hunting for meaning but with a cost. Because of the cultural aspects of Hinduism, it seeps into every part of your life and adds a layer of complexity to be mindful of.

Yet, I want simplicity.

Enter Buddhism. I regard Buddhism as the eventuality of Hinduism, the finale of spiritual attainment for a Hindu (Siddhartha Guatama aka the Buddha was a Hindu). Most if not all the teachings are similar but unlike Buddhism, I find Hinduism has a strong paradoxical “attachment” to culture (which is hilarious). Buddhism is Hinduism without cultural baggage and designed to be “exported” for everyone.

If Hinduism is a Porsche 911 Turbo, Buddhism is the 911 GT3 RS stripped down track car, with less weight and a better tuned engine.

I relate more to Buddhism. I love going fast because the teachings are clearer, fluid and rooted around dialogue. Yet, I enjoy the rich symbolism that Hinduism displays with perfect mastery.

So, it appears I’m a Hindu cultural materialist but wants the simplicity of Buddhism. I guess I’m… a Buddhist Hindu?

Here is the best part of Hinduism, I’m given the freedom to carve my own beliefs and find my dharma (path). I just don’t know how… only time will tell.



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