Deforestation and its Effect

The deforestation of our forest is becoming an enormous problem for our planet because of the immense harmful impact it causes to our environment and actually limits our ability to fight climate change due.

This problem is especially bad because for poor countries, timber is a very important natural resource needed to keep the countries afloat so for them this is an important economic lifeline.

We can illustrate the deforestation issue by our example in Congo. In the Congo basin Rainforest which is included in some of the largest rainforests on the planet.

Timber exports account for a significant portion of DRC’s GDP and for a poor country like Congo these exports really mean a lot. Because of the economic situation, Congo faces it's hard for them to get off the immediate cash flow that timber provides, and because of that it ignores all the harms of deforestation. This phenomenon is very harmful to the environment as suggested by “According to the Center for International Forestry Research, the Congo Basin rainforest lost about 20% of its tree cover between 2001 and 2017, causing 1.7 Gt of CO₂ emissions.” (Nagy, 2020) This shows that the position Congo finds itself in is causing great pain for the rest of the world because of its economic policy of using timber to fuel its growth resulting in increased carbon emissions throughout the globe.

This is not only bad for us in our fight against but it also results in terrible consequences for wildlife because in rainforests there are diverse groups of animals perhaps more than any other regular forest we can see the impact on wildlife here “This deforestation, combined with other pressures such as geopolitical turmoil and overpopulation, also threatens Africa’s greatest concentration of mammals, primates, birds, amphibians, and fish. Some estimates suggest the rainforest will largely disappear by 2100” (Nagy, 2020) The increased human population is threatening wildlife because of the human need for increased resources thus creating a clash between wildlife to add to this conflict the habitat of animals is an increasingly rare commodity linked to the economic future of millions of growing populations of human beings in an already economically and politically unstable country.

To feed the growing population of Congolese, agriculture is becoming an important industry for Congolese but unfortunately, this creates a rise in Slash and burn technique of farming resulting in deforestation and increased pollution in the region putting the health of millions of people at risk.

Nagy, D. (2020, October 15). Intro to Project CANOPY: Planning and researching for a new startup. Retrieved March 08, 2021, from



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